Flaunt your Foursquare badges OFFLINE!

Soon the Foursquare freaks like me will be able to flaunt the badges on our favourite T-Shirts, caps, bags, crocs, wherever else you may want to 😉

True Foursquare fans know what it takes to earn these badges…check-ins, sweat and tears! Yes, repeatedly going to these places checking-in, sweating it out and there you go you become a ‘Mayor’ of the venue you visited the most and you drop a tear in joy! woo hoo! …but tears just don’t end here, we literally cry when someone else takes that mayorship away from us. The worst email I’ve ever received is ‘xxxx has just stolen your mayorship @ xxxx’…bollocks!

Any how, more check-ins , more mayorships and lots and lots of exciting rewards in the form of beautiful round colorful badges. Love ’em!? Now soon you’ll be able to flaunt them. Foursquare will make the bagdes available for sale online very soon. Check out a sneak preview…umm…love it!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to flaunt my badges below, online for now 😉 Of course I’ve decided to hero my Barista badge, absolutely love it!



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