Duracell (Canada) – Moments of Warmth

Some like it ‘chaud’….now that is a very warm welcome to the world of advertising by Duracell Canada. Done by Cossette, agency based in Toronto. A simple idea, adding value and fun in the super cold, a little dull and long winters of Canada. What would have been cool is if every time someone interacted with it, it automatically generated a tweet on Duracell Canada’s Twitter account with #PowerWarmth hashtag and some funny one-liners with it just to have some fun. Good idea anyhow…

Clients – We have all dealt with such clients!

No company should have to put up with tough client!


QR code made of Crates – Volkswagen Crafter

To prove the loading capacity of the Volkswagen Crafter, DDB Mexico installed a giant QR code made of wooden crates. The installation was placed at the largest wholesale market in Mexico where the potential targets could be reached. On scanning the QR code a video plays which shows that the entire installation can be carried in a Volkswagen Crafter.

It is a very clever idea and the video is beautifully done to prove the loading capacity of the Crafter. This installation was awarded a Bronze Lion in the Promo & Activation category.

Coldplay uses Xylobands; turns concert audience into giant LED display

Lady Gaga and Madonna! Why have you not done something like this yet? Coldplay, the band I least expected to innovate at a concert, turned their concert audience into a large gallery of LED display. Xylobands are LED-illuminated wristbands activated using a radio signal.

Coldplay distributed the wristbands in a variety of colors to the audience with a Twitter hashtag #coldplayfilm printed on them promoting their live DVD. The audience were illuminated as multicolor twinkling lights when the wristbands received the radio signals. Below is an image to show what these wristbands look like – you can search #coldplayfilm on Twitter to see more results.

The video below shows how it worked and how the audience enjoyed being felt like they belong to a community and felt more connected to the artists on the stage.

Concerts have always had a huge potential to engage the audience and due to the large size of audience, logistics of venue and legal issues it is not always possible to succeed with a complex idea. Simple ideas like this Xyloband one is easier to execute and does not involve users to make any effort and they can just enjoy the concert the way they expected to. Being surprised with such simple ideas makes it even more fun and spreads a positive word about the experience. Technologies like RFID and augmented reality will definitely improve over the years and we will see more interactive and engaging experiences in times to come. For now, enjoy this one and if you have any similar examples to share, please do!



Mobile Mini Test Drive Store


To increase their awareness and to capture a place in the consideration set of the potential car buyers, Mini decided to increase their test drive stores in France. These stores were not the traditional showrooms but more suitable I believe to the lifestyle and culture in the city, they were launched as ” Mobile Mini Store”.

The Mini Mobile Stores came to pick up the people and they could hop-in and just take a test drive around the city, without having to visit a showroom and deal with the usual conversational efforts to get into the car! It is a great idea by DDB, Paris to involve people on the streets and catch them where they are, when they are free.

Although it is a good effort to go to the people and make test drives happen but Mini could have added some social media element to this by using Facebook places or Foursquare, since the idea is location based anyways. From experience I guess the resources and budgets might have been an issue to take it to a social network platform.