SXSW Blippar Coasters


Yes! Blip this NOW….so you can relate better to my comments below:-

I am not at SXSW, but have been following their activity online and spotted this really cool Blippar news online. Blippar have placed ‘blippable coasters’ at bars which bring miscellaneous content to life.

Blippar has grown over time and providing even richer functionalities today compared to their launch a few years ago. It is great to see that they did not only survive the Augmented Reality marketing space but are also leading it today and setting trends.

Layers that appear after Blipping


An animated layer with various interactive CTAs appears. It is more of a Blippar advertising, expressing ways in which their services can be used. Here is what the icons do –

Rocket icon – It appears out of the frame and starts shooting random 3D-like objects around it supported with background sound effects.

TV Screen icon – Loads a video showing a snapshot of Blippar case studies

Equalizer icon – Loads 3 playlists and an animated equalizer

Instagram icon – Shows a carousel of 3 images

Bubble icon – Displays the quote shown above

Bag icon – Loads 3 heels in 3D (pretty random)

Dots icon – Folds out to the left and reveals 4 more icons to follow Blippar on Facebook, Twitter, call or email.

Basically, this a clever way to show the possibilities and make the participants understand how much data can a tiny piece of cardboard reflect and host.

‘What’s under your beer’ – well a lot as you can see 😉



Augmented Reality Electric Cafe – Volkswagen

Done by Ogilvy China and Ogilvy Hong Kong for Volkswagen, the Augmented Reality Cafe application, communicates the facts about electric cars by Volkswagen very easily to the consumers. Electric cars concept is pretty advanced and new for many people. People who are either  buying a car for the first time and do not know what is good for them and their environment or people who currently want to switch to a more environment friendly car.

Volkswagen created a cafe where they used daily household appliances like fridge, blender and a personal computer to trigger content using the Augmented Reality application. The application shared facts to educate the people about their electric cars and explained their efficiency in comparison to the those household items.  It is a good way to make the people understand since they are already well versed with these daily appliances and can relate to the numbers and information far more easily than just reading it off a brochure or a web page with stand alone information on the electric cars.

The Augmented Reality experience was available via the iPad and iPhones.

How brands are using technology this Christmas

I found a few interesting Christmas marketing initiatives by brands who have been pretty active digitally this year using latest and popular technologies.

1) American Express 

A really sweet Christmas campaign by American Express using Augmented Reality. “Talking Tags”, a creative name for the campaign, is a DM piece. American Express customers are sent DMs driving them to a website to see the experience online.

On the site customers can create custom tags that can be printed and attached to friends presents. Using augmented reality users can add voice messages to these tags and hence the name “Talking Tags” telling their friends if they have been ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’.

When the receiver scans the card a pair of lips appears with a customised Christmas message. A variety of eight different voices are available ranging from British aristocrat accent to an old granny’s voice.

The campaign was created by Ogilvy, Sydney.  To send tags go to

2) Vodafone

“Make someone happy” campaign combines street art, social media and projection mapping in form of Christmas Laser Graffiti on the streets of Ireland. Vodafone on their Playground Facebook page asked their fans to share special stories of their loved ones. Selected stories are delivered as a special treat on Vodafone Playgrounds’s Facebook wall for the friends’ loved ones. A few stories are projected as laser graffiti’s on streets in Ireland.

The laser graffiti was designed by well know graffiti artists in Ireland. You can watch all videos on their Facebook wall.

3) Guinness

Who knew Guinness pints would be so much fun this Christmas! Christmas campaign called “Decorate your pint” engages users with Augmented Reality using Blippar technology. The image recognition technology of Blippar recognizes the Guinness label and reveals an overlay of Augmented Reality controls for users to decorate their pint. It seems like the app gave limited options to users. It would have been nice if there were more ornaments available, jingles and allowed users not just to share on Facebook & Twitter but also on Google+ I suppose now that it is slowly gaining popularity.

The decorated pints can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Check out some cool images on their GB Facebook page created using the Blippar.

4) Heineken

Heineken is engaging their 4 million Facebook fans with a lot of activities on their Facebook fan page. One of them involves a huge digital installation of a Christmas Tree on Clarke Quay, Singapore for their Facebook fans. It is created using 48 screens on a 11 meter tall installation. It will gather content from their Facebook page in form of a “Social Tree”, as shown in the video above. Christmas carols will be sung by 20 singers from all over the world.

Using the app “Heineken Social Tree” on Facebook, fans can create a custom social tree. The custom social tree allows users to chose from “Christmas slogans” and “frames” and also select which friends you want to select from your Facebook.

The Christmas tree is now live at Clarke Quay, Singapore. My tree went live on 20th Dec’11 at 8:28 pm. See the screenshot below as taken on the Social Tree app page 🙂 I am trying to get a copy of my video. I wish Heineken was better at sharing the social tree.

Collection of Innovative Xmas Cards

The Xmas Cards are a hot favourite at this time of the year. Many agencies and clients come up with innovative ways to wish/celebrate Christmas and it gets better every year. This year with the innovation in smartphone applications and technology we see some really clever but simple ideas for Xmas Cards. Below is a collection of a few Xmas Card ideas I like:

1) Desk The Screens: Multi-device light strings

Created by Deeplocal, a design and development company from Philadelphia, “Deck The Screens” app lets users string Christmas lights in sync on any device in any location. To see how it works go to , start a new string and share the code with your friends and see the lights blink.

The video on the site shows a string of Christmas Lights across iPhones, Mac and iPads. I reckon a big group of people can create cool stuff using this app, how about a string of iPhones hanging around the Xmas tree showing lights using this app 🙂

2) Christmas on Wheels by Swedish Post

A really simple and inspirational idea by Swedish Post to let users send physical cards by interacting online with Christmas scenes set up as seen on

The site shows live Christmas scenes as in the card design. Users can use the camera on wheel to focus on the Christmas scenes, take picture and send it as real card to their family and friends. They can also choose to drive the train and control the happenings in the surroundings.

Swedish Post has taken inspiration from traditional Christmas card designs by Jenny Nystrom. Watch the making of the set below and to send a card visit

3) Augmented Reality Xmas Card app by Macy’s 

This is bound to be a popular one among the kids. Kids usually write a letter to Santa listing their wishes and Macy’s is trying to make this more fun with its Augmented Reality Xmas Card app. Visit any Macy’s “Believe Stations” to post your kid’s letter to Santa and use this app on your Android or iOs device to give your kids an animated surprise with Virginia and her friends.

Choose your favourite characters to take pictures with and create custom virtual Christmas cards. You can share these cards on email and also on Facebook and Twitter.

Macy’s gives kids something cool and fun to share on Facebook this Christmas with its AR app. To find out more on how to make this Christmas more fun for your kids go to

Augmented Reality Red Cups by Starbucks

Watch the video first please!!


How cute?! A die-hard Starbucks fan like me and a die-hard AR fan like me can definitely not wait till 15th November. Merry Merry Appy Xmas 😉

Starbucks are going mainstream with their soon-to-be launched Augmented Reality application for Red Cups which are sold every Xmas. The application will be available on Apple and Android marketplace and has the following features:-

1. Experience – Makes the characters alive and upon tapping shows a cute Xmas animation and share them with your friends via email or post it on Facebook.

2. Character Gallery – It shows a gallery of the characters collected.

3. Send eGift – Apparently users can send gifts via the app

4. Holiday offers – Find out and make the most of Xmas offers at Starbucks.

Hoping to see some decent results and more AR campaigns by other brands.Appy Xmas from Starbucks! Woo hoo!