Projection Mapping Racing Game by BMW, South Africa

My last post talks about Hyundai and Chevy using projectors to engage audience. Compared to their initiatives, BMW, South Africa has done a great job. I mentioned a few things in my last post about leaderboards/involving Facebook friends and improving feed on social networks on the activity and BMW seems to have captured that well.

The projection mapping game promoted the new BMW 1 Series. Users were given Samsung Galaxy Tabs at the venue to log-in to their Facebook account and connect to the racing game. The scores were posted on the BMW Facebook fan page real time and friends could even compete with each other and share their scores on to their Facebook profile.

The scores leaderboard is shown on the projector and also on the Facebook fan page tab. Over 100,000 racing results were shared with Facebook friends out of which 47,060 results were shared on users walls. Considering each user has an average of 150 friends, BMW’s projection mapping racing game had an incredible reach just by using Facebook connect.

If you see the video carefully you’ll notice the graphics on the tab were that of actual steering of the new 1 Series. That’s a good way to promote the interior design of the car and get the player interested and excited about the car.

The prize was a model of Mission Impossible 4 BMW Vision car. Six model cars were rewarded at six different venues in South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.