Honda uses Twitter Cards for 2015 CR-V

After Acura, now Honda is using the Twitter Cards to allow their followers to customize the 2015 CR-V.

The user is engaged with top-line configuration within the tweet – allowing the brand to create more value in making the user aware of the different trims and options available rather than just sharing a link out to the configurator with an image.


The user begins with selecting a trim, then the drive train and finally the colors. The end result shows the ‘front’ and ‘back’ shot of the car and allowing the user to tweet their configuration and share with their followers. After sharing, serious buyers can proceed with ‘Continue Buying’ where it takes the user to the brand website.


The interesting part of the user journey is that the user doesn’t need to re-start the configuration and lands on the last step i.e. color selection. One can always go back and change, but those who are confident with their selection can move forward to complete the entire configuration with accessories etc.


For serious buyers and auto enthusiasts, this is a good way to engage them and help them learn more about the CR-V.

Here is how it all began with Acura.


Animated Twitter Ad & Papertweetos – Twitter in Argentina

Spotted! Argentina getting seriously creative with Twitter. Here’s how:-

1) Smart Car Animated Twitter Ad

This one is just amazing! I never thought that it was even possible to use Twitter like that. I bet the idea came from a BBDO geek in love with Twitter 🙂 The simple animation shows the Smart Car passing driving through the city passing by places like tunnels, parks, residential areas and even parking!! Guess the message is how the car is suitable to be driven just anywhere around the city and how the small size does not hold the driver back from exploring the city, see the video and notice how cleverly they park the car in a tight parking space. To animate the tweets visit!/smartArg and keep “J” pressed till the animation ends. If you don’t have a Twitter account watch the video below


2) Coca-Cola Papertweetos 

This one is even  more amazing! Football crazy Argentina! They don’t just throw bits of paper in the air cheering for their team but some of them also tweet aggressively, whether they are inside the stadium or not. Coca-Cola decided to bring these tweets to life keeping the culture of paper cheering as the medium. When the team walked into the stadium all these tweets for the team and the game were printed on paper and showered into the stadium for the players, a message from their fans in form of paper tweets 🙂 To turn their tweet into a papertweetos users had to include the hasghtag “hinchadacocacola”

What a brilliant idea to celebrate the fans engagement for a football game. About 2 million tweets were printed – imagine your tweets being read by players in the field. Wow! However with such ideas one has to be careful that it does not interfere with the game and since paper cheering is already a part of the culture it did not seem as though “papertweetos” were intruding but just that they added excitement to the game all the more and for once let the fans discover the power of their tweets in adding a buzzing energy and enthusiasm in the stadium. I like how the papertweetos are branded with Coca-Cola logo and have the look of the Argentina flag. Well done Ogilvy!!