Skoda Museum: Virtual Visit with Google Street View

Skoda is using the Google Street View to provide a virtual tour of the ‘Skoda Museum’ in Czech Republic. The museum was reopened two years ago after extensive modernization and Skoda wants to make the exhibition available anytime, anywhere – making it the first automobile virtual museum.
With the Google Street View, viewers can discover the vehicle collection, the exhibition halls, the shop and surroundings of the museum.
Skoda Museum shows some historic models like L & K-Škoda 110, Škoda 860, Škoda Superb 4000, 1101 convertible ŠKODA Tudor , ŠKODA Popular Sport ‘Monte Carloand ŠKODA 1000 MB. There are also concept cars like ŠKODA Vision D.

Google Street View also allows online visitors to visit the online customer center located at ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav, near the Museum. Online visitors can also discover all angles the current range of cars, bikes and origin of the brand accessories.

View the experience here.

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