Bombay Sapphire’s – Build Your Mosaic Application

A brilliant work by Shift Global, a digital agency in the US, on Bombay Sapphire’s social media campaign. They have created a very engaging application which captures valuable data and insights to generate the Mosaic.

I absolutely enjoyed the experience on the Facebook tab and it was one of the most smooth user journeys, using Facebook Connect, on the fan page tab itself. Trust me I’ve seen enough broken crappy applications on Facebook but Bombay Sapphires ‘There’s something inside the Bombay Sapphire’ application has been an amazing experience! See my Mosaic below…

The application captures some beautiful insights and cleverly uses key words to generate images via Flickr. These images make up the Mosaic. I initally skipped a few questions, which didn’t help get the best out of this app. I suggest everyone to answer all the questions in detail and reward yourself with an awesome Mosaic. Be careful which friends you select, it captures their image and whacks them on your Mosaic…best go for them fun ones đŸ˜‰

To find out more visit Bombay Sapphire’s Facebook fan page and click on the tab ‘Inspired Taste’.


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