Mazda Canada loves Instagram!

Mazda Canada and JWT are just killing it on Instagram, first with their “Long Drive Home” campaign and now with the MX-5 Roadster campaign.

“Long Drive Home”

Mazda Canada took fans on a 4-month virtual road trip on their Instagram channel – telling the story of the brand and featured models in a one-to-one fan interaction, pop culture, events likes Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl, and car performance & capabilities.

mazdacanadaThe campaign ended with a big surprise for one particular fan – the keys to a new Mazda! Three posts were added at a time every week from Dec. 17 until March 28.

“MX-5 Roadster”

After the success of the “Long Drive Home” campaign, Mazda Canada changed from a virtual trip to a virtual magazine cover-like look showing a whole image of the Roadster line supported with facts told in form of short videos which cover the history of design, functional features etc.


The MX-5 Roadster isn’t available for purchase until 2015 and this Insta-collage campaign acts as an initial step in staring a dialogue with the audience before the full campaign kicks off.

Such innovative campaigns are key to engaging the younger audience and who knows what platform will be popular when the car actually launches, so for now Mazda Canada seem to understand what are the trends and how they can leverage it for their marketing. Experience it here


Ford Explorer – Interactive Print Ads

Ford Explorer and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel just made it easy to interact with print ads i.e. without an app!

For the new SUV, they created a series of 3 interactive print ads which give visual demonstrations of the main features in sync with the creative look and feel.

Ford definitely recognizes the need to innovate and use new methods to reach out to the prospects. Considering how fast the technology is growing and being adapted by the users, it is about time that we start seeing more of such ads.

The Biggest Virtual Burger by Burger King



Burger King France is definitely excited to be on Instagram 😉 What a cool idea to create biggest virtual burger and that on Instagram. Sounds like lots of fun and it is an experience when you check it out for the first time not knowing what to expect.

I am sure it was not easy trying to source images and crop them out to make it look so good on Instagram. A job well done. I hope the creative team got free burgers for a month 😉

Check out the biggest virtual burger here

Best Game Trailer – Batman Arkham Knight?

Could this be the best game trailer ever? It makes the Batman movie trailers look weak….

There is a really cool teaser of ‘The Batmobile Experience’ on the official website. By the looks of the car in the teaser I am surely waiting to see what this will be about. Stay tuned and you can also pre-order the game here now

Batman Arkham Knight



Volvo Trucks – Who thought Trucks marketing could be so cool?

Brilliant idea by Volvo to show the Volvo Dynamic Steering technology in their trucks by using the perfect role model of truck drivers, Jean-Claude Van Damme. He performs his famous split between two reversing trucks. It is the most epic of splits and done in such a classy and subtle way.

Winning fact – According to the shooting crew in Spain, this was done in just ‘one take’ #awesome

Nissan: Self-healing paint iAd

Nissan, is the first automotive brand, to have created the technology called the Self Healing Paint making the car scratch proof. This technology taps an unmet need of people since decades. How many of us has been frustrated of seeing scratches on our brand new cars and have shelled money to fix it over and over again? A good investment finally by Nissan.

Not just that, Nissan have also cleverly invested time and efforts in a great way to communicate this technology, playing on the simple behavior of using tablets, requiring no effort on part of the user to interact with the ad. It just happens! See the video below to admire the efficiency. A great effort by the Nissan client and their agencies TBWA\G1 Paris, DAN Paris and OMD Europe. Currently the ad runs only in The Economist iPad magazine.