Mazda Canada loves Instagram!

Mazda Canada and JWT are just killing it on Instagram, first with their “Long Drive Home” campaign and now with the MX-5 Roadster campaign.

“Long Drive Home”

Mazda Canada took fans on a 4-month virtual road trip on their Instagram channel – telling the story of the brand and featured models in a one-to-one fan interaction, pop culture, events likes Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl, and car performance & capabilities.

mazdacanadaThe campaign ended with a big surprise for one particular fan – the keys to a new Mazda! Three posts were added at a time every week from Dec. 17 until March 28.

“MX-5 Roadster”

After the success of the “Long Drive Home” campaign, Mazda Canada changed from a virtual trip to a virtual magazine cover-like look showing a whole image of the Roadster line supported with facts told in form of short videos which cover the history of design, functional features etc.


The MX-5 Roadster isn’t available for purchase until 2015 and this Insta-collage campaign acts as an initial step in staring a dialogue with the audience before the full campaign kicks off.

Such innovative campaigns are key to engaging the younger audience and who knows what platform will be popular when the car actually launches, so for now Mazda Canada seem to understand what are the trends and how they can leverage it for their marketing. Experience it here


Ted Baker’s Instagram Winter Wonderland #TedsElfie

Ted Baker and agency POKE have launched a hyper interactive social media campaign to engage with shoppers over the festive season.


Why I call it hyper interactive is because your are bound to get lost if you are a newbie at Instagramming and even if you are not, you better take the term ‘Winter Wonderland’ seriously as it is one campaign that you need time to enjoy. Yes Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is not the only place to be this Christmas season 🙂

Santa’s elves go missing and the only evidence is the Elfie taken by Santa. Instagram users have to help find the missing elves by visiting @TedsElfie on Instagram and taking part in the ‘choose your own adventure’ style game. The user is led by the tags on images to find the seven missing elves and win prizes along the way.
Whether you win or not, this campaign is worth interacting with thanks to the beautiful illustrations and the clear user path. Enjoy!

Source: – Totally love the hashtag snowfall haha! EPIC!


Trick-or-Treat – Target creates Halloween buzz on Instagram

Target and New York-based agency Carrot Creative have launched a virtual trick-or-treat experience on Instagram inspiring viewers to indulge in DIY spirit this Halloween.

The theme is ‘Halloween Hills’ which shows two homes on a hill – one is a trick and the other is a treat. The two houses are tagged to ‘trick’ and ‘treat’ profiles, the user can tap on the their preferred tag and move on to reveal what is the ‘trick’ or ‘treat’.

The “treats” link to Halloween-themed recipes like spider brownies, while the “tricks” go to do-it-yourself projects like a spooky, night-light.


The campaign involved 15 images with two profiles each showing 30 tutorials and 300 photos for the campaign.

The items used in the DIY profiles can be found in Target stores. To see all the items/creatives search for the campaign hashtag #HalloweenHills. The surprise element is in Trick-or-Treat number 6, where the ‘Bullseye’ mascot is tagged. On clicking the user is taken to the ‘Bullseye’s Closet’ Instagram account where the profile links to the eCommerce enabled site in partnership with Like2Buy.


With the Bullseye Clost account, Target is reaching out to users who are looking for pet costumes for Halloween, a rage in times of Halloween nowadays.

This is yet another clever way to leverage the available functionality of Instagram’s tagging feature and driving the engaged users within that moment to push sales online. It not only engages the user with this creative execution but also gives them ideas around Halloween that are enjoyable with little efforts in both time and money.

With this out already we hope to see more fun and interesting executions for Xmas in the US, since they are the first market to champion and release bold ideas.

Check out the virtual experience on Target’s Instagram account here


Mercedes-Benz – Interactive Instagram Configurator for GLA

To promote the GLA 250 to the millennials, Mercedes-Benz USA and their agency Razorfish launched a social configurator on Instagram.

The Instagram account called ‘Build Your Own GLA’ lets users create their own custom versions of the car. The experience begins from an account where the user is shown only the car and asked to tap along to begin the configuration. The call-to-action (CTA) begins with asking the user to ‘Tap the photo’ to reveal the tags – which are essentially the other Instagram accounts that contain sun information like colors, wheels, etc.

The first step ‘Choose your color’ shows an account full of various shots of the GLA in the available colors. User can simply select the image of their preferred color and continue the experience.

The second step involves selecting a wheel which gives a good close-up of the alloys available.

After choosing the wheel, the user has to select the roof – where again the shots have a great visibility and concentrate only on that aspect of the feature, without forcing the user to look at the whole car over and over again.

The fourth and last step involves selecting the preferred grill. After the grill is selected, the user is moved to a fresh account containing the summary of their configured GLA.

By summary, we mean the image now shows their preferred color, wheel, roof and grills. On tapping the image, the user is congratulated and given the specs first hand eg. the name of the color, the package (e.g. Sports), roof name, etc. with a starting price tag. Furthermore, the user is also asked to take the picture to their nearest dealer. There is a disclaimer in the end listing what is not included and prompting users to contact their MBUSA Instagram account directly for queries, questions etc.


Razorfish can still pull it off. Good to know! Mercedes-Benz is in love with Instagram, as we can see so many executions in different countries using Instagram. It is no wonder that they have championed Instagram in the automotive industry at least. I was honestly expecting Audi to come up with something like this and could have never thought that Mercedes-Benz would end up doing this.

Even though the whole social configurator thing works, there is one small area for improvement. In the last leg of the account, where the user is shown the car – we could have filled up the account with more details e.g. 15 seconds clips showing the car in motion and also each and every image that has been selected could have been shown below the main image as a summary of the end product.

If we don’t want to promote what the user has already selected, this dead space could have been used to promote ‘Accessories’. I bet the after-sales guys would have loved it 😉

There is always room for improvement, but we must not forget that even today in over 90% of digital agencies there would have been enough people on both agency and client side, who would have killed the idea assuming the user won’t go through the long journey and the pain of creating so many accounts and assets. Mercedes-Benz US has overcome doubts as such and once again challenged the creatives in the auto industry. It is always great to see such inspiring work.

Audi – your move! 😉

View the GLA250 Instagram account here

The Biggest Virtual Burger by Burger King



Burger King France is definitely excited to be on Instagram 😉 What a cool idea to create biggest virtual burger and that on Instagram. Sounds like lots of fun and it is an experience when you check it out for the first time not knowing what to expect.

I am sure it was not easy trying to source images and crop them out to make it look so good on Instagram. A job well done. I hope the creative team got free burgers for a month 😉

Check out the biggest virtual burger here

First Instagram website by IKEA

IKEA Russia and ad agency Instinct together exploited the basic features of Instagram to create the first Instagram Website.

The marketing campaign for the ‘PS 2014 Collection’ included an interactive catalog on Instagram divided into Benches, Tables, Storage, Light, Textiles and Ideas.

Each image shows a collection of items with a call-to-action to tap on the image. On tapping, we see the respective product in the range.

Each product has its own channel that shows ways to use it and also includes a short video clip with English and Russian translations.


It is such a simple experiment that I am surprise no one thought of doing it yet. Examples like these show how we get so involved in the daily usage and excitement that we forget to go beyond the boundaries and find more interesting ways of using it.

It will be refreshing to see more examples like these from brands like Oreo, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nike – who have established themselves in their respective categories and own certain emotional triggers to engage their fans online.

Check out the Instagram website and don’t forget to spread the word.


Instagram wars: Nike vs Adidas

Adidas Originals. That’s the first tag line that struck me when I saw this new Adidas campaign on Instagram. How not original it is for me and here’s why.

NIKE – Nike PhotoiD Powered by NikeiD for Instagram – featuring the Airmax

Nike has already kicked up a super cool and simple idea involving Instagram, which preserves their product and extends the NikeiD aspect of allowing users to select their best shoe color configuration.

How it works?

Choose your Instagram photo and a Nike shoe. Check out the design configuration the algorithm serves and share your favorite shoe online with your friends. Not just that, it also shows the image you selected in the background and what Nike shoe color selection you finally ended up selecting.

The Photo ID Microsite has a Gallery where you can filter images using the following parameters e.g. by Color and the Airmax model 1, 90 and 95 models. Not just that, it also allows you to see what your followers have shared online, besides checking out the entire Instagram community and the featured ones. It is as simple as it can be in terms of hooking up your Instagram account and getting involved and also a simple UX on the site to engage with the community.


Adidas, on the other hand, is trying too hard and creating a buzz on its upcoming app.

How it will work?

Adidas Photo Print App for ZX Flux will launch this August for the iOS and Android users. Customers will have to buy a pair of the ZX Flux sneakers on which the Instagram photo will be printed.

What we need to question here is the fact that what audience is Adidas actually trying to engage here and what do they really think of their products?

Seriously this is original in terms of the amount of unique designs that will come through, but not sure how many of these iPhone and Android users qualify as characters who would want to walk around with a ‘shoe’ imprinted with their Instagram image.

Imagine how ugly it can get in cases where the users don’t know what ugly pictures they are taking and how it can actually damage the product in the long run. Imagine the Adidas marketing manager walking around the high-street and looks at some cool kids wearing the ZX Flux showing pizzas, sushi, burgers, selfies, random psychedelic stuff. What is worse is when these images show the logos of any other brands on the shoe. Free advertising for them on a shoe they would probably never want to be seen on and Adidas in return ending up with a cheesy product among chavs with no taste on the streets of Britain at least.

Internet is calling this a game-changing app – yes of course, an app that will change what Adidas stands for, for the current generation on Instagram for the first time and sneakers just became the cool thing for them and also generate a not-so-positive-with-awe word-of-mouth for Adidas by their loyal customers all these years. Thanks to the ‘photo print app’ shoes that no one wanted all these years, irrespective of the fact that Instagram made them do it. Kodak has been printing pictures on many objects and there is a reason that shoes have stayed from this category among the masses.

Waiting for the action to kick up in August 2014 and see how the Internet reacts to this. Brace yourselves, some really ugly shoes are coming!