Toronto Silent Film Festival – The Instagram Time Machine

A refreshing idea from Toronto-based agency, Cossette, to promote the ‘Toronto Silent Film Festival’ to the new generation. Follow the Toronto Film Festival’s Instagram account and check the stream horizontally. You will notice a virtual timeline/tour featuring Charlie Chaplin, expressed in a nice infographic of images, text and videos.

I love the design and attention to details. The simple use of a film strip, use of classic font style and the attention to detail on using a unique cover for each video thumbnail where the text is easily readable.


A brilliant ‘hack’ that will work on mobile and not on desktop. But who cares really, this is a 100% mobile idea and Instagram is best experienced on mobile anyways. Furthermore, any additional content will ruin this timeline, so it comes for a little price to maintain this content, which is a small price to pay. It cannot be better than this anyways 😉

I hope Cossette win a prize for this! Really, it is simply fantastic! Follow TTFS and check it now


Buzzwords can be painful…

Our client shared this link, should I be worried 😉