#AgencyPeepHole: Instagram pics of Agency Xmas Parties

Following the popularity of Instagram, declared No.1 app of the year on Apple store, agency xmas parties is one place where this app is proving to be popular. All year long digital/ad agencies work hard to be on top of the latest trends and encourage & help their clients to do their best. At the end of the year agencies look forward to Xmas parties to celebrate their year, their work and what a great feeling if they can also afford to use one of the latest trends of the year to add life to their party.

In the current tough financial times & campaign-busy-bees-time Draft FCB SF has made an effort to give agencies worldwide a platform to enjoy their party-of-the-year and make it memorable all the more. Agencypeephole, an Instagram powered site designed by DraftFCB San Francisco, pulls all the agency xmas parties photos posted with tag “#agencypeephole” using Instagram.

To see albums by agencies you can use the tool “Find a party” and select which agency Xmas party pictures you want to view. The site contains 722 photos so far with most of the pictures by San Francisco based agencies.

Agencies which were not aware of the campaign at the time of their party can still upload their pics on http://www.agencypeephole.com/ by posting them via Instagram using #agencypeephole tag.

A simple impressive work by Draft FCB, SF. To drop a tweet to the team follow @DraftfcbSF