Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover is one of the best things around these days that actually challenges other social networks, particularly Facebook. ‘Content’ is at the heart of this new initiative by Snapchat, giving storytelling a new meaning and way for people to consume content on-the-move.

The best part about ‘Snapchat Discover’ is it forces brands to keep the content and stories fresh, content being refreshed every 24 hours. The feature is extremely simple to use and discover and stories are restricted to a fairly small number, therefore, not stressing the viewers and acknowledging the nature of the user behavior, respect for their time and giving them even more a reason to revisit the app.

While it is all fun for the user, the real challenge lies for the companies who need to package content in a way never done before – as top social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter require a totally different approach that we’ve accustomed to over the last years.

To stay relevant and get the user to revisit, one has to ensure the stories are relevant, short, crisp and limited to 5 for best engagement. Companies posting up to 10-15 stories can do so as long as there is enough content to share that very day and I have seen a few like that and admit that after 6-7 stories I couldn’t be really bothered. It became more like a chore than ‘discovering’

Also, the fact that there are no call-to-actions, click here, there, share etc. gives the companies a solid opportunity to ‘build the brand’ rather than make it another channel to generate traffic to xyz paltform.


Currently, there are top publishers which cater to a variety of audience on Snapchat. Such a diverse collection definitely helps attract users as most of these are common interests.

With launching Discover, Snapchat has definitely challenged many social networks out there and the more I engage with Snapchat, the more I find the other networks like Facebook and Twitter slowly becoming outdated. It seems to be the same drill on many channels and Facebook really needs to step up and reinvent content distribution as players like Snapchat are gaining a solid ground and giving brands an opportunity to ‘build’ the brand and ignite social conversations, WOM etc.

Meanwhile….Happy Discovering!!



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