MINI’s first ever 360° unassisted backflip


An epic stunt by daredevil Guerlain Chicherit and yes we can’t wait to see what the ‘Landing Soon’ will be all about.

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More to follow..


Mobile Mini Test Drive Store


To increase their awareness and to capture a place in the consideration set of the potential car buyers, Mini decided to increase their test drive stores in France. These stores were not the traditional showrooms but more suitable I believe to the lifestyle and culture in the city, they were launched as ” Mobile Mini Store”.

The Mini Mobile Stores came to pick up the people and they could hop-in and just take a test drive around the city, without having to visit a showroom and deal with the usual conversational efforts to get into the car! It is a great idea by DDB, Paris to involve people on the streets and catch them where they are, when they are free.

Although it is a good effort to go to the people and make test drives happen but Mini could have added some social media element to this by using Facebook places or Foursquare, since the idea is location based anyways. From experience I guess the resources and budgets might have been an issue to take it to a social network platform.