Burberry introduces Smart Personalisation

Burberry has introduced Smart Personalisation for their Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 runway Made To Order collection. Customers can order products like costs and bags from the runway and receive in 9 weeks with personalized engraved nameplates.

Each item holds a tag containing a video celebrating their dedication to design and craftsmanship and shows the making of the personalized item featuring their nameplate. These tags are not RFID but a similar technology developed by Burberry.

The video can be unlocked by scanning the tags and one of the best experience for people in London is to view the video on the huge walls at Burberry’s flagship store in London’s Regent Street, where these walls turn into huge screens playing the personalized video.

This is definitely a smart move in digital by Burberry and will be interesting to see how the customers react to it and spread the word. This also seems to be some kind of test that Burberry is doing to learn about such technology, customer behavior and its relevance. It is definitely a huge investment and will be useful to see how it rolls out and adds value besides making the customer feel hyper special!


LIKE BELT – Prototype by Deeplocal

Designed by Deeplocal, Like Belt, is one interesting prototype to watch out for. Enabled with NFC Android phone, the Like Belt uses RFID chips installed in physical places to post ‘likes’ Facebook and also add friends. The video below shows how it actually works.

Like Belt is open source and to make it you can get the code from GitHub and follow the instructions on http://www.likebelt.com/

It looks like fun but the thrusting to get a ‘like’ is really hilarious and one can probably tie the belt sideways to avoid the embarrassing actions of getting a ‘like’ in public.

Such an idea can be useful at public events like music festivals, exhibitions at museums and even theme parks to promote the event on Facebook and get ‘likes’ and also let people add each other as Facebook friends at the venue itself. In terms of convenience an RFID wrist band seems to be a better option but the Like Belt will last longer & be easier to maintain.

If you end up making a Like Belt don’t forget to share your experience. Follow Deeplocal on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/deeplocal