Instagram – from the ’80s

Too ‘retro’ for 2014 but a really nice video remembering the ’80s. Well thank god it never happened in the ’80s! I love the way it ends ‘What the hell is the world wide web?’


Instagram Sunglasses Concept Design

Just what we need! First it was the Instagram Camera concept and now we have the Instagram Sunglasses. Both concepts are equally eagerly awaited for production and have been receiving a lot of likes across the world on the web.

I find the Instagram Sunglasses concept cooler & more clever  than the Instagram Camera concept. It definitely took a lot more thinking and effort in design and concept and is a super cool edgy thing to own!

How it works?

The Instagram Sunglasses concept is based on 5 megapixel camera, up to 7 hours of usage time since activation, supported by wi-fi and 4G and storage capacity of 2GB.

The filters button allows the user to switch between filters. You can see in the images above how it shows the original vs filtered version. Pretty cool right?!

How cool would it be to take Instagram photos from these sunglasses and post them directly to the Insta feed! Too bad this is just a fictional concept! Read more on the press release by the talented German designer, Markus Gerke. More designs by Markus on