Audi lights up New York for the World Cup

Audi USA has done it yet again. The ‘it’ here is ‘a simple thought that goes a long way’.

Top global brands are fighting for their share of attention during this World Cup and to leverage the millions of eye balls and attention on this global event, Audi USA did not simply book an out-of-home just like many other sponsors and other non-sponsors-football-enthusiastic brands. They made a really clever move and also a bold one, considering that football is not a mainstream sport in the USA.

Audi put 28 of their A8 models in 45 shipping containers stacked next to each other at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York and used their LED lights to reflect the football World Cup game scores.

It’s placement is such a clever idea as the Manhattan highway is pretty far on the other side. What a simple and clever way to show or ‘show-off’ their LED technology reflecting the score for the New Yorkers on the other side.

One tiny improvement in this idea would have been to permanently show a ‘hashtag’ e.g. AudiLED to get people to share the scores online, talk about the LED lights and spread the word online and win a test-drive at night to experience the power of the LED lights. Of course people will talk about it, so why not give them a hashtag and do more with it.

Nevertheless, awesome idea. Awesome brand. And how cool for the German brand Audi to promote Team USA for the game today.

Follow the game on Twitter with hashtag   and find out more about the AUDI LED technology on


SXSW Blippar Coasters


Yes! Blip this NOW….so you can relate better to my comments below:-

I am not at SXSW, but have been following their activity online and spotted this really cool Blippar news online. Blippar have placed ‘blippable coasters’ at bars which bring miscellaneous content to life.

Blippar has grown over time and providing even richer functionalities today compared to their launch a few years ago. It is great to see that they did not only survive the Augmented Reality marketing space but are also leading it today and setting trends.

Layers that appear after Blipping


An animated layer with various interactive CTAs appears. It is more of a Blippar advertising, expressing ways in which their services can be used. Here is what the icons do –

Rocket icon – It appears out of the frame and starts shooting random 3D-like objects around it supported with background sound effects.

TV Screen icon – Loads a video showing a snapshot of Blippar case studies

Equalizer icon – Loads 3 playlists and an animated equalizer

Instagram icon – Shows a carousel of 3 images

Bubble icon – Displays the quote shown above

Bag icon – Loads 3 heels in 3D (pretty random)

Dots icon – Folds out to the left and reveals 4 more icons to follow Blippar on Facebook, Twitter, call or email.

Basically, this a clever way to show the possibilities and make the participants understand how much data can a tiny piece of cardboard reflect and host.

‘What’s under your beer’ – well a lot as you can see 😉


Audi Test Drive Cube – A digital innovation

Finally a brand found a really clever way to break through the usual direct mailers with long copy inviting prospects to a test-drive. And it is none other than Audi. I am not surprised actually because Audi has been doing some great work lately.

Audi came up with a clever idea to send ‘Test Drive Cubes’ for Audi A8. All the receiver needs to do is push the start/stop button and trigger the countdown to begin the test drive. The Cube is powered by GPS and sends an SMS to Audi local dealership with location details. The countdown lasts for 90 minutes, at the end of which the Audi A8 arrives at the prospect’s location and customers then have 24 hours to take the test drive.

This pilot was launched in Holland between Jan’14 and Feb’14 to 50 potential A8 buyers. Audi plans to extend it to Germany followed by Russia and South Korea.

What a clever way to instill a digital sense in direct mailing by way of using technology just at a push of a button. It is not only the mechanism but also the design of the cube that holds the simplicity in the technology used together. The design of the Cube is neat, premium and a sophisticated piece of communication representing the brand values. It is always great to see brands who think things through and take the pain to convince their internal stakeholders to do such projects. Surely it must have been expensive not only in terms of development but also in terms of logistics and maintenance. Good work Audi, another star in the marketing hall of fame!

The official press release from Audi can be read here

Cars can be 3D Printed now

Porsche and Honda are providing their fans with 3D printing files of their models. Yes! You can now print your very own model at home (if you have a 3D printer) and show off your geeky side with a bit of a taste!


Porsche USA, released printing data of ‘Cayman S’ for you to get creative with it. Just print the model and colorize it as per your taste. And once you are done, don’t just stop there – take a picture of that model and hashtag it #3DCayman and fire it up as a Tweet, Facebook post or on Instagram. Glad to see how thought through this is by Porsche, they give you the 3D printing data & ask you to share it with a marketing hashtag. Love their marketing team!

But wait, I sense something here.

1) The first thing that came to my mind was, if they are doing this with Cayman, what about 911? May be they have some really awesome plans? Well I really hope they do….I know Cayman is a bloody awesome car but why not the 911? This could only mean one thing to me that Porsche wanted to test how the 3D Cayman S 3D printer fun comes along and use the learning’s before even touching the sensitive 911 territory. People worship 911, you have to be careful with every move you make with the 911.

2) What was Porsche actually expecting from this experiment? Not many people have 3D printers and its awareness is quite low outside of the US. This somehow gives me a vague idea that it was an experiment by Porsche to get a sense of the market and adaptation rate of the 3D printer engagement among the youth.

Instagram shows really poor stats but Twitter has good results. You’ll just have to click through and follow on to read more about it.

Porsche_3D_Instagram  Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.40.17 PM

May be I am just over thinking here. But I do tend to because I am the child of the marketing industry and with the explosion of so many devices and techie innovative stuff, it makes me wonder. There are a few car brands that are close to my heart, Porsche being one of them, hence the concern. By the way Porsche has removed the web page from their US site and too bad they are not following up on engagement here.


Honda – The Power of Dreams. Japanese origin. Connect the dots – Here we have an automaker originating from Japan, the playground of technology and their claim with Honda is the power of dreams. Power to get your hands on the 3D printer data of Honda Concept Cars and print these concept cars at home.

The files for five concept car models – Fuya-Jo, FSR Concept, Kiwami, Puyo and the NSX Concept – can be downloaded from – published under the Creative Commons 4.0 license.

Well good idea but a poor website. The homepage is so bright and the text is barely readable in terms of the font contrast and size. How tiny and cramped is that text?!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.01.27 PM

The main page is not friendly either. There is an animated film playing in the background with awful sound and completely distracting from reading yet another faint copy that is convincing me to download the 3D printer data. But geeks don’t care right, they will download it anyway and fire up a 3D model 😉 But the ‘View the 3D page’ is super awesome. You can explore in 360 and the NSX Concept looks really very very cool!

Honda_Printer_Page    Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.12.45 PM

Honda should have encouraged people to share their art work with a hashtag or given them an opportunity to upload their work on to a site. But thanks to the power of social media #honda3D hashtag is already showing some interesting. Love this green NSX 3D model.
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.27.24 PM

To sum it up, this is a great and fun initiative from Porsche and Honda. I am really waiting to see what the Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Jaguar 3D printed models will look like. Why these three, because their muscles are so detailed and what fun will it be to print their 3D versions, hold it in your hands and appreciate the mind blowing design. See it is just not the same as holding a clay model or a mini toy car. 3D printer has a special thing of its own.

Some day we will be able to actually 3D print vehicle at home and that day my friends, is really far away! In the meantime enjoy 3D printing or following Porsche and Honda’s 3D news online.

Nissan 3E – Google Glass for drivers?

Nissan is launching a ‘Google Glass’ for drivers, called 3E ‘third eye’ at the Tokyo Motor Show on Nov. 22nd.

3E Glass connects to the internet in real-time. Drivers can see information overlay on the glass just like Google Glass, record images and also share information. It is still under development and the public reaction at the Tokyo Motor Show is much awaited.

Tokyo seems to be the right market to announce the launch of 3E being technologically advanced and have the maturity to accept such products. Wonder if Google will regret not launching the ‘Glass’ in Japan and only restricting it to the US. Surely Google Glass has a much diverse use as compared to the Nissan 3E but why not test your products in advanced markets like Japan where people literally grow up with devices.

Nissan already had another tech product launch, a Smartwatch, at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show designed to connect drivers to the cars to track data, monitor efficiency and even use social networks.

A really good initiative from Nissan to take innovation in their products to the next level by investing in sub-products to provide a complete package. It certainly adds much more trust in the brand and its services if offered by the parent brand. Tom-Tom was a good idea, but it will never be the same as an in-house produced product because one does not get access at an early stage and cannot adapt the product to the car and plan updates year-round making it exclusive and special.

We must remember that gadgets and technology are much more accessible today than ever before and one must not be intimidated by what giants like Google are doing. If we believe in an idea we must develop it and continue to improve it. There is no pass or fail. Today it is all about continuous improvement as long as it adds value.

Looking forward to the Nissan 3E debut. Stay tuned!

Lexus Swarm: Coding Motion Film

Beautiful video by Lexus. Using state of the art motion capture camera technology, advanced movement algorithms and bespoke motion mapping software, the Lexus quadrotors were brought to life and Amazing in Motion created.

And an even smarter Tumblr page showing off lots of beautiful work and captures.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.02.17 AM

Screen-X Technology

CJ GGV cinema group, based in Korea, has developed a new type of cinema screen experience ‘Screen-X Technology’. It extends the screen by using the theater walls to provide a panoramic 270-degree viewing experience. Currently being experimented in cinemas in South Korea, the concept will hopefully make its way to the Western World.

What amazes me is the fact that it took humans so long to come up with this technology. The idea appears to be very simple and it is probably quite technical to put it in action but how come no one thought of this before! This is so cool and bet equipments have always been around to use it somehow.

In fact, these days cinema experience enhancing technology is one of the coolest experiments going around. Disney has decided to bring the screen-screen obsession to cinemas in the US with the re-release of the famous movie ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Viewers need to download an app in which they can play games, compete with other participants in the theater and sing along with the music as the story unfolds. The iPad mic can sense the character on the screen and show games/quiz relating to that character. The content is not limited just to the kids but quite generic to appeal to older audience for fun as well.

Whatever happened to the ads in the cinema before the movie begins to switch off your phones. Here we are encouraging another screen and that too our beloved iPads only since the apps are not available on Android software yet. Another reason to buy your child an iPad, bien sur, why not! Good luck to our US movie goers sitting next to people playing about on their second-screen.

Well as far as the Screen X technology goes, I really hope that this concept is encouraged and released worldwide. There is so much advertisers and movie makers can do to spice up the cinema time with this technology.