Audi: R8 Blippar print ad & RS 4 Avant Ultimate Paintball Duel

Audi is up to no good at the moment because good does not exist in their vocabulary! It begins with ‘best’ – the benchmark is how to be better than the best.

Audi is shaking things up in UK and this could be really good for the advertising and digital industry in the UK right now. We need brands that can act as leaders and shake things up in the digital space for sure. Enough of the same old giants like Coca-Cola, Skittles, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Diesel, etc.

Audi has revved up their print ad using Blippar image-recognition app for their new Audi R8 V10. The online teaser is one of the most beautiful and seductive teasers I have seen in a while.

It leaves the viewer curious and intrigued to discover the main film, which can be unlocked using Blippar mobile application over the following Audi R8 print ad. This is actually useful as the user unlocks hidden content i.e. available only via scanning the app!


The content loads fairly quickly and the full video is even more beautiful and gives you a sneak peak of the Audi R8 lab, super awesome and the R8 is roaring like a beast, waiting to unleash itself on the road.

This print ad using Blippar is a step up from the usual QR code norm that was gradually adapted by the markets and is getting outdated with such Blippar and Augmented Reality applications. Such progress of print ads from a leading brand like Audi helps our industry since we are still struggling with marketers/decision makers who are not confident in making the first move and budget is the second enemy. But I strongly believe that if you believe in the idea, then you get the budget – it just appears all of a sudden! We need such hits to shake the norms, to live the Facebook mantra of ‘Move fast and break things’.

As an extra, enjoy this ultimate Paintball Duel by Audi where two RS 4 Avants are playing like two young lads, having the time of their life!

The set is beautiful, super bright, great direction and awesome paintball moves!

Bravo Audi! A massive respect for continuous creativity and investment in not only their products, but also in tailor made campaigns for each model which help strengthen the positioning of the vehicle.


Interactive poster that gives a “kiss”

Keio University,Japan are working to bring some serious interactivity in poster ads. Reportedly the developer behind this was frustrated of the standard poster and wanted it to interact with him. He went on to develop one where the girl in the poster interacts when woken up by kissing the poster.

It works based on an inbuilt sensor which can sense the users proximity to the poster and acts accordingly. The team in Japan are also working on ways to make it more interactive using sounds and releasing scents via the poster ad like giggling sounds of the girl, the scent of her shampoo, lip gloss lemon-flavour scent upon close-up and even a whisper of “I love you”. They are also looking to develop applications with image-recognition for iPads and tablets.

I can only imagine how expensive it will be to produce these poster and the massive installation costs for various regions. I definitely see Coca-Cola and Nike on-board with such a technology but when it comes to this typical example P&G brands can make quite an impression with their already successful products.