Burberry introduces Smart Personalisation

Burberry has introduced Smart Personalisation for their Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 runway Made To Order collection. Customers can order products like costs and bags from the runway and receive in 9 weeks with personalized engraved nameplates.

Each item holds a tag containing a video celebrating their dedication to design and craftsmanship and shows the making of the personalized item featuring their nameplate. These tags are not RFID but a similar technology developed by Burberry.

The video can be unlocked by scanning the tags and one of the best experience for people in London is to view the video on the huge walls at Burberry’s flagship store in London’s Regent Street, where these walls turn into huge screens playing the personalized video.

This is definitely a smart move in digital by Burberry and will be interesting to see how the customers react to it and spread the word. This also seems to be some kind of test that Burberry is doing to learn about such technology, customer behavior and its relevance. It is definitely a huge investment and will be useful to see how it rolls out and adds value besides making the customer feel hyper special!


Projection at NY Fashion Week‘13

The brand ‘I am not a Virgin’ produces jeans without harming the environment, using cotton and a variety of recycled materials like plastic bottles, food trays and even X-ray films.

At the NY Fashion Week’13, the brand held a funny projection to create awareness and get noticed among the top brands at the Fashion Week.

The new + younger fashion brands are now talking to their audience using the tone and words that young people can today relate to these days and are a part of their daily conversation. Such cheeky activities instantly become shareable on social networks and such small clever investments are worth an effort to get noticed and use the power of word of mouth!

View the collection here


Scrolling Pinterest Animation by Uniqlo

Uniqlo and New York based digital agency Firstborn have created a really cool viral with a scrolling animation on Pinterest. The animation promotes their ‘Dry Mesh’ range of t-shirts using the scrolling feature which is the heart of surfing Pinterest. Pinterest users are suddenly surprised with the Uniqlo scrolling animations and this certainly grabs the users attention.

Achieving this perfect animation was not easy. They had to open a hundred or so Pinterest accounts and pinned Uniqlo images simultaneously. Super cool and super fun! Some may see it as a spam on Pinterest but it is too beautiful and simple to be able to annoy one 😉


Facebook Likes on Clothes Hangers

C&A, the famous European fashion retailer, has launched an interesting Facebook campaign in Brazil called “Fashion Likes”. The Facebook Likes are displayed on the clothing hangers in real-time i.e. the clothing items photos are posted on their Facebook page and as soon as they receive a like the clothing hanger like count is updated. The real time updates let the shoppers know what is trendy/popular online and worth trying out and buying.

I really like this concept but I wonder how many people will actually be willing to consider what is voted for the most online. For some it may not be a personal preference and hence does this render this entire ” fashion like” activity useless, do people feel offended that by buying something ridiculously popular online makes them want to be dressed like everyone else believing that vote and feeling that one never used their opinion and just went with a Facebook ranking? For some people clothes shopping can be very serious and personal since it defines who they are, want to be perceived as, etc. Moreover, what happens when an item gets really low likes and if you happen to like it, do you get that look “ooh, buying the one with the least likes”. Although good thing about such a campaign could be that the people who commit a fashion suicide might secretly consider these “fashion likes” to save them a social breath!

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