Honda and Mori Inc. – 3D Designs Archive, Uni-Cub and Beautiful Engines

Honda and Mori Inc., a Japan based creative agency, has been working together on interesting projects since the past few years. I’ve already blogged about one of their interesting projects ‘Honda 3D Design Archives’, a microsite where Honda is shared their 3D design data/models online under Creative Commons 4.0 for personal printing. This was launched when the subject of 3D printing had become quite popular among the marketing teams of various industries and we began seeing more 3D printed work than ever before. Unlike any other automotive brand, Honda was the first one to offer such an archive.

Mori Inc.’s last two initiatives with Honda have also been equally interesting.

OK Go: “I Won’t Let You Down” Music Video

Not a car, but a Honda product, the UNI-CUB is a compact personal mobility device that was featured in OK Go’s song “I Won’t Let You Down” and Morihiro Harano, the founder of Mori Inc. worked with the band to produce this super cool video with over 17 million views on YouTube. The video was shot with drones and there is also a microsite where visitors can watch the video, the interview with the band and also create and submit their own visualizations.

IWontLetYouDown_Visualisation1 IWontLetYouDown_Visualisation2

The video was all done in a single take that involved hours of complicated off-camera preparation. A special unit was responsible for the drone: one person to fly it like a remote-controlled plane, another to program GPS sequences and complicated moves, someone to manually operate those sequences, plus someone else to control the drone’s camera, which is able to spin a full 360 degrees. (Japan Times)

Honda: Beautiful Engines

Honda also launched another project ‘Beautiful Engines’ with Mori Inc., Dentsu, Kappuku, Yama and Kaibutsu – a short-film and microsite talking about engines in pop-art theme visualizations. The short film was shown at the Sao Paolo Motor Show in Nov.’14 and also available online on Honda’s social networks.

The key message behind the project is ‘At Honda, our engines don’t just move people and cargo. They move society and history, too. They are engines of change in a very real sense.’


The microsite shares the look and feel of the video and gives the user quick information in form of short paragraphs, animations and images designed in a pop-art theme. The scrolling effect keep the user engaged and adds to the curiosity of the upcoming content and how the whole journey ends. Even though the mechanic and visuals are great, the content lacks depth and could have a richer timeline with some insider and testimonial stories that add to the ‘visually entertaining’ factor here. The social sharing on each piece of content is quite modern where social media icons are not used but initials of the networks like FTPT – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr encourage the user to click and discover what it actually means – certainly more easily guessed by digital and social experts than the average online user.

To sum it up, Mori Inc. and Honda are collaborating for some beautiful work and we will hopefully see even more interesting work moving forward – time for some wearable technology campaign perhaps? 😉

To view more interesting projects by Mori Inc. visit


Evian asks Golf fans to ‘Tweet The Ball’

Evian has launched their new campaign ‘Tweet The Ball’ targeting Twitter users and golf players to celebrate the 20th year of ‘The Evian Championship’, the ladies golf tournament.

From 11 to 14 September, Twitter users can play the game to find balls hidden around the 18-hole championship course at Evian Les Bains and win daily prizes + a grand prize. The interactive microsite allows the users to guess the location of the golf ball on the grid and tweet the Google map coordinates. The sections are numbered from 1 to 24 by A to J.


Once the fans guess where the ball could be, they can enter the gird number in the ‘Tweet Box field’ already indicating the user that the campaign hashtag #TweetTheBall must be used in the message. It is definitely a good practice to pre-populate the field box with the campaign hashtag as many users miss it due to being unaware of it or simply due to laziness.

The prizes are great and I have been so tempted that I have already tweeted twice. I want to try again (many times), but I am worried Evian will block me! I am not so driven to win the mega prize, a five-star weekend at the Evian Royal Resort, because it seems pretty unreachable for such a guess driven game but I really do want to win their daily goodies that I can keep and share with my friends. Furthermore, I really do like the idea to have a few prizes rather than a grand prize, as many people tend to think that they will never win and hence don’t get involved. Opportunity to win prizes that are reachable act as a drive for people to get involved, share their experience and recommend to their friends.



I also love the way the site is designed and shares so much information in such a user-friendly and precise way while leaving enough space for the users to play on the same page. And the best part, it is mobile compatible too 🙂 What it lacks though is a huge call-to-action for people to ‘share’ this online. But then it is only for 4 days, so let this be a special Twitter universe thing right! Why should Facebook have all the fun? 😉

Enjoy guessing and don’t forget to use the campaign hashtag #TweetTheBall. Play the game now on



‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Tweets Turned into a Digital Iron Throne

Of course HBO did this. Of course they chose the right partner to do this as well – 360i.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 14.56.24

#TakeTheThrone is the hashtag for the latest Season 4 of Game of Thrones on HBO. With its agency 360i, HBO launched a website where all the conversations online on key networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram featured with the #TakeTheThrone transforms into a digital throne. More than 6 million people watched the fourth-season premiere and tweeted enough to make this beautiful digital throne which animates into a throne of 1000’s of ‘word’ swords in this case.

The website is quite heavy since it is loaded up with so much content and every click on the sword displays content based on what network is selected on the footer i.e. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Viewers can further share this content on social networks and also add their own content featuring the #TakeTheThrones to add more swords to the throne 😉 Participants can also win a trip to San Diego in July to get a chance to sit on ‘The Real Iron Throne’ at Comic-Con.

It is a brilliant and simple idea to use the hype and content online and reflect it in such an interactive way featuring the main hero of the show – THE THRONE.

I hope this website continues till the end and transforms words into the real winner of the throne. So far, I guess I will see Khaleesi on this website 😉

Check it out for yourself here and read through some really cool posts by GOT fans

Friday Fun Find: 4 photos in one Tweet & tag 10 people (Twitter functionality update)

Went to a bar crawl and took some selfies with your friends? Friends are now on Twitter and you wish you could tag them have a mini-album in one Tweet? Happy Friday Twitter fans, now you can. Yes you can now tag up to 10 friends in one image and also attach up to 4 photos in one tweet.


Tagging people will not take away the 140 characters space for obvious reasons and even the collage of 4 images will be all the more fun to interact with on mobile devices. These features are also available in embedded tweets.

As a result of the tagging feature, the Privacy Settings have also been updated. You can choose who can tag you on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 15.13.35

I spotted on my Twitter feeds that Curly, France is one of the first ones to use this feature. Curly followers @replied asking about the new feature as Curly successfully engaged their followers using this feature to tell a story to their followers featuring their product.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 15.25.54

I think this is a good simple move by Twitter to update its features and keep up with the tagging functionality Instagram and Facebook offer, one of the most used social networking apps on mobile and also adding a few photos to one tweet takes the mobile user experience to a realistic level considering the nature and usage of Twitter.

Looking forward to more brands using it in clever ways. Oreo has not used the 4 photos in one Tweet functionality yet but judging their last tweet, seems like Twitter has made a very good move with this feature. Oreo, update your tweets 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 15.30.38


Hermès Défilé Autumn-Winter 2014 campaign

Refreshing! A pure luxury!

We rarely come across ‘Fashion’ brand websites that do not require you to click at least 5-6 times to get to the final destination page. And getting more in exchange of doing less and getting it in just 1-2 clicks online today is certainly a luxury. Hermès made an effort to identify and reflect the ‘less is more’ and ‘online user behavior insights’ in their recent ‘Défilé’ Autumn-Winter 2014 collection microsite.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 18.04.05

The landing page loads with a video starting in the background and showing a thin designer strip which upon hovering over shows a thumbnail of the outfit worn by the next model. You can click on it and skip the other episodes and watch the cat-walk you like. This is the simple and basic part.

What is best about this is if you notice the ‘Instagram’ icon on the top right. It shows a stream of Instagram images – displaying the time it was taken and the number of likes it received. Clicking on the image will open the ‘Instagram’ account in a new window and does not take open it in the same window. Many brands ignore these small details that can greatly enhance a desired user experience.

Hermes Defile

The site is available in obviously two languages – English and French and also shares Call-to-action to visit the main Hermè website and also share the experience online via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Social Share copies and images are also optimized relating to the content shown on the website.


Many brands ignore these tiny details which are in fact the online face of the brand when they get out of their own platform and enter the ‘Social Playground’. It is always refreshing and nice to see for a huge digital marketing fan like me that there are Marketing and UX teams out there who think through and take the pains to get all these details right. Least I can do is take out time to appreciate such work and share the experience and appreciation.

While we are at it, check out their Tumblr and Pinterest pages as well for inspiration. Tumblr page header animation shows even a highly regarded luxury brand like Hermès can have some fun in a subtle way.



SXSW Blippar Coasters


Yes! Blip this NOW….so you can relate better to my comments below:-

I am not at SXSW, but have been following their activity online and spotted this really cool Blippar news online. Blippar have placed ‘blippable coasters’ at bars which bring miscellaneous content to life.

Blippar has grown over time and providing even richer functionalities today compared to their launch a few years ago. It is great to see that they did not only survive the Augmented Reality marketing space but are also leading it today and setting trends.

Layers that appear after Blipping


An animated layer with various interactive CTAs appears. It is more of a Blippar advertising, expressing ways in which their services can be used. Here is what the icons do –

Rocket icon – It appears out of the frame and starts shooting random 3D-like objects around it supported with background sound effects.

TV Screen icon – Loads a video showing a snapshot of Blippar case studies

Equalizer icon – Loads 3 playlists and an animated equalizer

Instagram icon – Shows a carousel of 3 images

Bubble icon – Displays the quote shown above

Bag icon – Loads 3 heels in 3D (pretty random)

Dots icon – Folds out to the left and reveals 4 more icons to follow Blippar on Facebook, Twitter, call or email.

Basically, this a clever way to show the possibilities and make the participants understand how much data can a tiny piece of cardboard reflect and host.

‘What’s under your beer’ – well a lot as you can see 😉


What the f*** is my Twitter Bio?

I mean, seriously! WTF is my Twitter Bio?

Well, I have a pretty simple one – ‘Keep calm and catch ’em all’ with a background of horses running in full speed. Just for some personal reasons that I would not want to reveal on my blog.

But hey, if you have been struggling with what to come up with for your Twitter Bio worry not, because the internet finally has a Twitter Bio generator for you to have some ‘fun’ with. Below are some of my favorite ones….totally hilarious!

Get one for yourself now

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.36.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.35.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.35.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.35.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.34.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.34.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.34.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.34.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.33.56 PM