How Spotify made me go back to premium

I love Music! I am addicted to it! I need it when I wake up in the morning, when I’m on my way to the subway, when I’m on the subway and when I go to bed and in between with friends, listening to our favorite song and humming the tune. I achieved this level of addiction or habit of listening to music when Steve Jobs released the iPod. I still remember my dad got me the iPod as a gift and it was the best gift ever when I was a teenager!

Now getting to the point, iTunes, as we all know unleashed a whole gallery of music and zapped it on our iPods. Then one fine day, Spotify arrived in the market! There is something different about Spotify! The fact that it started off as a invite-only made people want it even more, to check out what it is about and what one should be on Spotify and all!

I first used it in London and it was fun! At work I had it on all day, listening to the tracks I had not listened to before, repeating my favourite ones and also sharing my music on my Facebook and Twitter. I hated the ads and wanted to continue the experience offline so bought into Spotify premium, after a week of trial. Absolutely loved it! I could even save music offline.

A few months ago I went off premium service since I was travelling. In between then and now, when I’m back to the base, Spotify has become too clever and is blackmailing me to go back to premium! Here’s what

1) Ads – Have become even more creative with it, so some new formats have surfaced and some ads are really annoying taking time to load at times even before my music loads up.

2) Limited playback – If I listen to a track more than 5 times, I need to buy it for £1.15 or upgrade to premium account! Thanks to David Guetta and Nicky Minaj I am sucked into this Spotify premium blackmailing.

3) Limited time – The whole purpose of FREE was defeated when they introduced a limit of 10 hours per month to Spotify free.

Of the three points above, playing my favorite song on repeat forced me to go premium/buy track and also consumed the time I could allot to other songs out of the 10 hours per month. 10 hours is too less for me considering how music is in the habit of daily lifestyle!

Just to get outta this headache everyday I had to go back to premium! Had Spotify not introduced the limited playback and limited time for free Spotify I would not have upgraded!

Congratulations Spotify for turning me into a loyal customer, here’s how you did it! You are winning! 😉