It’s a tie – Maserati Alfieri or Lamborghini Huracan

It’s a tie…..

It’s a tie…..because…both Alfieri and Huracan are fantastic. I have always had to slice my brand heart into so many pieces to make space for my favorite brands and at the moment, Maserati and Lamborghini are fighting for their share not only in the auto industry but also in my heart, a little fan, of both cars and digital.

Maserati Alfieri Concept

Maserati recently surprised us with their Super Bowl spot on Ghibli and that one was surely from the shadows, waiting for the right moment to step out and shine. It is yet another powerful car but today we focus on Alfieri.

This morning, at the Geneva Motor Show, Maserati launched their Concept Car, Alfieri – named after one of the brothers, Alfieri Maserati, who was an engineer by profession and one of the founders. The car is an absolute ‘bellezza‘ when it comes to design with such fine touches of ‘Maserati Blue’ refining the details in a subtle and premium way. What I really like is the fact that the beauty and the feel of the Alfieri has been considered in showcasing the car details on its website as well and it does not just stop at the end of the finished Concept Car and the set up of the Geneva Motor Show booth. The place, that will be its home online i.e. the site, is also protected and reflects the same emotion and excitement. Clean, beautiful shots of Alfieri, a top line design background with a touch of history, sketches of the Alfieri, exclusive content for people signed up with Maserati and a range of content ‘Coming Soon’ with a splash of Social Stream showing moderated posts with hashtag #MaseratiAlfieri.

What I loved the most is that the site welcomes you with a short trailer that injects a roaring energy and boasts of a few minutes of pride, following you through the short crisp content. You are emotionally set off and it does not require a boring speech or a 1,000 word para. Less is indeed more and many brands fail to get that. The only down side is that it is a little clunky on the tablets, not sure whether it is due to the load on the site right now with a lot of visitors or if it is just a result of the technical glitches. Although, this should have been smooth, but in the times now where we interact with apps so much, we tend to expect a lot from luxury brand websites. However, to be honest most of luxury fashion sites, who are trend setters and give courage to other brands to follow, also have a little clunky sites on tablets. Maserati – don’t over think this tablet point, you make me very very happy today! I love you and keep up the good simple top-class work!

Maserati Alfieri

(The image shown above is what I have put together taking screenshots from the site, to show you. Please visit the site to enjoy it for yourself and I leave you to discover the exclusive content)

Lamborghini Huracán

Lambo – It takes a lot of courage to continue the legacy of the brand and a team of hyper dedicated individuals. A passionate team not only in the design and engineering department but also in the marketing department, who show respect to the sweat, blood and tears taken to produce these bulls – by giving them an identity in any touch points they are communicated on. Lamborghini recently also celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a bold tagline of ‘100 years of innovation in half the time’, a press conference very well led by CEO, Stephan Winkelmann.

He is a great presenter and every time I see him on the stage, I am so engaged and naturally focused and lost in his words. The speech today was bold, as always and he makes it all look so simple, as if they are X-MEN of the automotive industry and born with this, that it comes so naturally to them, as if they cannot help themselves and stop themselves from being so perfect. Like I said, it is a tie. Maserati and Lamborghini, my Italian stallions!

The Huracán teaser started with the ‘Project Hexagon’ microsite containing four-episode series that followed a trio of Brits trying to locate the Huracán. The website now redirects to the current launch site

Lamborghini Huracan

The film is a complete reflection of how a bull will run around the streets of Gotham on wheels with absinthe in blood veins instead of red blood cells. A pure treat to watch Huracán having some fun. All we need is a follow up episode that shows a Batmobile appear on the street and then the s*** will get real, for real! Moving on from the film, even the usual content like media gallery and downloads is very well selected and displayed. An extra effort has been made to showcase the sound and honor it as a part of the design and give it the same level of attention it has been given in the build process. A lot of car brands ignore these ‘roaring’ details. Mind you, Maserati has its own SoundCloud page where you can enjoy all the raw engine sounds right from the heart of Maserati.


Back to Lambo, even the dealer detail page is very much on brand and respects the brand design ethos within the campaign look and feel. The ‘Explore’ section takes you to the main website’s Huracán car configurator section which is another romance on its own. It is something you have to experience for yourself and just enjoy playing with it, for many of us cannot afford the car and Lamborghini knows that. Nevertheless, it gives us an opportunity to feel it and get involved.

A lot of luxury automotive brands homepages look like a fish market. Literally, a lot of CTAs, no romance and no story. A pure result of boardroom sales pitch. What I love is that brands like Maserati and Lamborghini make an effort to invest in experiences outside of their ‘official site’ and inject exclusive content on the model they are launching. It is extremely important to seduce the crowd now as you build a relationship with not only prospects who are looking to reflect their identity in a perfect and subtle way, but you also attract a huge crowd of automotive enthusiasts and influencers, who then talk to the prospects on your behalf – something that is an ugly buzzword in the media boardrooms as ‘earned media’ – absolutely detest this word. Passion is not earned media 😦

Like I said, it is a tie. Maserati and Lamborghini, my Italian stallions – I am so very proud to be your fan and I learn so much from your web experiences. Of course, there is a lot more to be said for what you do in Social Media Landscape, I could write a small book on it 😉 . But for now, let us today celebrate these two pieces of content that made my day! Thank you so much for believing in yourself and doing such great work inspiring people like me.


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