Timehop: The new ‘4squareand7years’ timecapsule with more services

4squareand7years recently relaunched as “Timehop”. The name change is due to addition of more services to their platform with the brand new one to be included is the popular photo sharing app “Instagram”, besides the ever popular Facebook and Twitter.

I just registered to Timehop and synced all my accounts. It will send me an email everday showing me what I shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare one year ago. A sweet experiment for people who like to take a sneak peak into the past but not sure if I want to see that everyday/everymorning. I wish there was an option to sign-up to a fortnightly/monthly emails so that I could get a sneak peak into how an entire 2-weeks or a month went than every single day. It will give me enough content to visualize my month online on my favourite apps/sites and conclude how the month was rather than a day and give me more to talk about and cherish I believe. Well, a day is not bad too I guess 🙂

To sign up for your personal timecapsule visit Timehop