Honda and Mori Inc. – 3D Designs Archive, Uni-Cub and Beautiful Engines

Honda and Mori Inc., a Japan based creative agency, has been working together on interesting projects since the past few years. I’ve already blogged about one of their interesting projects ‘Honda 3D Design Archives’, a microsite where Honda is shared their 3D design data/models online under Creative Commons 4.0 for personal printing. This was launched when the subject of 3D printing had become quite popular among the marketing teams of various industries and we began seeing more 3D printed work than ever before. Unlike any other automotive brand, Honda was the first one to offer such an archive.

Mori Inc.’s last two initiatives with Honda have also been equally interesting.

OK Go: “I Won’t Let You Down” Music Video

Not a car, but a Honda product, the UNI-CUB is a compact personal mobility device that was featured in OK Go’s song “I Won’t Let You Down” and Morihiro Harano, the founder of Mori Inc. worked with the band to produce this super cool video with over 17 million views on YouTube. The video was shot with drones and there is also a microsite where visitors can watch the video, the interview with the band and also create and submit their own visualizations.

IWontLetYouDown_Visualisation1 IWontLetYouDown_Visualisation2

The video was all done in a single take that involved hours of complicated off-camera preparation. A special unit was responsible for the drone: one person to fly it like a remote-controlled plane, another to program GPS sequences and complicated moves, someone to manually operate those sequences, plus someone else to control the drone’s camera, which is able to spin a full 360 degrees. (Japan Times)

Honda: Beautiful Engines

Honda also launched another project ‘Beautiful Engines’ with Mori Inc., Dentsu, Kappuku, Yama and Kaibutsu – a short-film and microsite talking about engines in pop-art theme visualizations. The short film was shown at the Sao Paolo Motor Show in Nov.’14 and also available online on Honda’s social networks.

The key message behind the project is ‘At Honda, our engines don’t just move people and cargo. They move society and history, too. They are engines of change in a very real sense.’


The microsite shares the look and feel of the video and gives the user quick information in form of short paragraphs, animations and images designed in a pop-art theme. The scrolling effect keep the user engaged and adds to the curiosity of the upcoming content and how the whole journey ends. Even though the mechanic and visuals are great, the content lacks depth and could have a richer timeline with some insider and testimonial stories that add to the ‘visually entertaining’ factor here. The social sharing on each piece of content is quite modern where social media icons are not used but initials of the networks like FTPT – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr encourage the user to click and discover what it actually means – certainly more easily guessed by digital and social experts than the average online user.

To sum it up, Mori Inc. and Honda are collaborating for some beautiful work and we will hopefully see even more interesting work moving forward – time for some wearable technology campaign perhaps? 😉

To view more interesting projects by Mori Inc. visit


Honda uses Twitter Cards for 2015 CR-V

After Acura, now Honda is using the Twitter Cards to allow their followers to customize the 2015 CR-V.

The user is engaged with top-line configuration within the tweet – allowing the brand to create more value in making the user aware of the different trims and options available rather than just sharing a link out to the configurator with an image.


The user begins with selecting a trim, then the drive train and finally the colors. The end result shows the ‘front’ and ‘back’ shot of the car and allowing the user to tweet their configuration and share with their followers. After sharing, serious buyers can proceed with ‘Continue Buying’ where it takes the user to the brand website.


The interesting part of the user journey is that the user doesn’t need to re-start the configuration and lands on the last step i.e. color selection. One can always go back and change, but those who are confident with their selection can move forward to complete the entire configuration with accessories etc.


For serious buyers and auto enthusiasts, this is a good way to engage them and help them learn more about the CR-V.

Here is how it all began with Acura.

Cars can be 3D Printed now

Porsche and Honda are providing their fans with 3D printing files of their models. Yes! You can now print your very own model at home (if you have a 3D printer) and show off your geeky side with a bit of a taste!


Porsche USA, released printing data of ‘Cayman S’ for you to get creative with it. Just print the model and colorize it as per your taste. And once you are done, don’t just stop there – take a picture of that model and hashtag it #3DCayman and fire it up as a Tweet, Facebook post or on Instagram. Glad to see how thought through this is by Porsche, they give you the 3D printing data & ask you to share it with a marketing hashtag. Love their marketing team!

But wait, I sense something here.

1) The first thing that came to my mind was, if they are doing this with Cayman, what about 911? May be they have some really awesome plans? Well I really hope they do….I know Cayman is a bloody awesome car but why not the 911? This could only mean one thing to me that Porsche wanted to test how the 3D Cayman S 3D printer fun comes along and use the learning’s before even touching the sensitive 911 territory. People worship 911, you have to be careful with every move you make with the 911.

2) What was Porsche actually expecting from this experiment? Not many people have 3D printers and its awareness is quite low outside of the US. This somehow gives me a vague idea that it was an experiment by Porsche to get a sense of the market and adaptation rate of the 3D printer engagement among the youth.

Instagram shows really poor stats but Twitter has good results. You’ll just have to click through and follow on to read more about it.

Porsche_3D_Instagram  Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.40.17 PM

May be I am just over thinking here. But I do tend to because I am the child of the marketing industry and with the explosion of so many devices and techie innovative stuff, it makes me wonder. There are a few car brands that are close to my heart, Porsche being one of them, hence the concern. By the way Porsche has removed the web page from their US site and too bad they are not following up on engagement here.


Honda – The Power of Dreams. Japanese origin. Connect the dots – Here we have an automaker originating from Japan, the playground of technology and their claim with Honda is the power of dreams. Power to get your hands on the 3D printer data of Honda Concept Cars and print these concept cars at home.

The files for five concept car models – Fuya-Jo, FSR Concept, Kiwami, Puyo and the NSX Concept – can be downloaded from – published under the Creative Commons 4.0 license.

Well good idea but a poor website. The homepage is so bright and the text is barely readable in terms of the font contrast and size. How tiny and cramped is that text?!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.01.27 PM

The main page is not friendly either. There is an animated film playing in the background with awful sound and completely distracting from reading yet another faint copy that is convincing me to download the 3D printer data. But geeks don’t care right, they will download it anyway and fire up a 3D model 😉 But the ‘View the 3D page’ is super awesome. You can explore in 360 and the NSX Concept looks really very very cool!

Honda_Printer_Page    Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.12.45 PM

Honda should have encouraged people to share their art work with a hashtag or given them an opportunity to upload their work on to a site. But thanks to the power of social media #honda3D hashtag is already showing some interesting. Love this green NSX 3D model.
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.27.24 PM

To sum it up, this is a great and fun initiative from Porsche and Honda. I am really waiting to see what the Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Jaguar 3D printed models will look like. Why these three, because their muscles are so detailed and what fun will it be to print their 3D versions, hold it in your hands and appreciate the mind blowing design. See it is just not the same as holding a clay model or a mini toy car. 3D printer has a special thing of its own.

Some day we will be able to actually 3D print vehicle at home and that day my friends, is really far away! In the meantime enjoy 3D printing or following Porsche and Honda’s 3D news online.

Honda Hands Idents

Oscar-nominated directors Smith & Foulkes and Nexus Productions were commissioned by W+K to create Channel 4 Idents for Honda UK.


‘Drive Friendly’ by Fiat Canada

Great creative ad by the students at Toronto Ad School for Fiat Canada

Drive Friendly by Fiat Canada


Advertising School: Humber College, Toronto, Canada
Art Director: Iva Jericevic
Copywriter: Logan Broger