Hermès #JeSuisUnCheval

Non, ce n’est pas une blague!

Hermès has surprised us with this video of artists acting like a horse. A majority of bloggers don’t really agree with it and don’t understand why this film is being promoted.

I feel it is a really good way of getting involved in social media and showing a film that unifies ‘art’ and ‘their relationship with the horse’ – giving people something to talk about that is completely ‘on brand’.

Even before the film for social channels, Hermès made their ‘Equestrian’ section on the website more prominent and interesting for the online shoppers by adding a customizer for the saddles.


Shoppers can customize their saddle, learn about their chosen saddle and even schedule a visit with the specialists to see if it actually fits and meets their needs.

Shopper experience

The steps to complete your custom saddle are apt to not lose the shoppers interest and also value their precious time. There are enough customizers online which try to hard to up-sell and cross promote other products, rather an giving the shopper a quality experience on a product that they are actually showing interest in.

 Step 1 – Choose your discipline and Step 2 – Description

The shoppers can chose what sport they are involved in, which reflects the models available. After selecting the model, the description instantly appears sharing the product details.



Step 3 – Options

Shoppers can select the colors and sizes and their preferred design details. Options

Clicking on ‘Validate’ completes the customization process and gives an option to ‘Try the custom saddle with the certified Hermès specialists’


 Trial with the specialist

Here too the steps to schedule an appointment are to-the-point asking shoppers the information necessary for this task and not open up a survey-like-form, binding them to share even more information and taking advantage of their needs i.e. you give us this xyz information, if you want a specialist. A lot of luxury brands go down that route and become greedy for too much information.


The personaliser was launched earlier this year and the Equestrian collection features a range of interesting products not just for the riders but even your horse. Spoil yourself here 😉

And to end this post with the main story, here’s how Hermès celebrates their relationship with the horse in their recent eNewsletter. Love it!

The World of Hermes



Hermès Défilé Autumn-Winter 2014 campaign

Refreshing! A pure luxury!

We rarely come across ‘Fashion’ brand websites that do not require you to click at least 5-6 times to get to the final destination page. And getting more in exchange of doing less and getting it in just 1-2 clicks online today is certainly a luxury. Hermès made an effort to identify and reflect the ‘less is more’ and ‘online user behavior insights’ in their recent ‘Défilé’ Autumn-Winter 2014 collection microsite.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 18.04.05

The landing page loads with a video starting in the background and showing a thin designer strip which upon hovering over shows a thumbnail of the outfit worn by the next model. You can click on it and skip the other episodes and watch the cat-walk you like. This is the simple and basic part.

What is best about this is if you notice the ‘Instagram’ icon on the top right. It shows a stream of Instagram images – displaying the time it was taken and the number of likes it received. Clicking on the image will open the ‘Instagram’ account in a new window and does not take open it in the same window. Many brands ignore these small details that can greatly enhance a desired user experience.

Hermes Defile

The site is available in obviously two languages – English and French and also shares Call-to-action to visit the main Hermès.com website and also share the experience online via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Social Share copies and images are also optimized relating to the content shown on the website.


Many brands ignore these tiny details which are in fact the online face of the brand when they get out of their own platform and enter the ‘Social Playground’. It is always refreshing and nice to see for a huge digital marketing fan like me that there are Marketing and UX teams out there who think through and take the pains to get all these details right. Least I can do is take out time to appreciate such work and share the experience and appreciation.

While we are at it, check out their Tumblr and Pinterest pages as well for inspiration. Tumblr page header animation shows even a highly regarded luxury brand like Hermès can have some fun in a subtle way.



Diet Coke: The Slender Vender

Coca-Cola has introduced the thinnest vending machine in the world providing Diet Coke. It fits where others can’t and shows up in places least expected. Done by Ogilvy Paris, see how people react to this vending machine. A very cool concept!

Paris vs New York Video