Dress to Impress with Chanel “Stick to the List” 2011 Collection

CHANEL brings their collection for three key dates of the season, Christmas eve, Christmas and New Years’ Eve. Fans can play with¬†with their products on their “Stick to the List”¬†microsite.

Users can drag and drop the collection around the page. The animation is pretty Christmassy as the collection falls on the page and the twinkled starry background adds a sweet theme and keeps the design simple & luxurious. Users can also select a particular product category like bags, glasses etc. The site is not just fun but also useful since it gives a pdf of the list of products shown on the site with their code to purchase quickly. It would have been better had Chanel added another page to the site letting users purchase any items from this page right away and also given an opportunity to share their purchase with friends on Facebook & Twitter at least.

“Stick to the List” is also available as an application on the Apple store for iPad users.