Lexus Swarm: Coding Motion Film

Beautiful video by Lexus. Using state of the art motion capture camera technology, advanced movement algorithms and bespoke motion mapping software, the Lexus quadrotors were brought to life and Amazing in Motion created.

And an even smarter Tumblr page showing off lots of beautiful work and captures.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.02.17 AM


Lexus IS – Reveal film & ‘Blend Out’ print ad

A beautiful film by Lexus to reveal their 2014 Lexus IS #changelanes

And an interactive print ad for Lexus IS, where three models are promoting the Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit edition, by modelling around the new Lexus IS. The video comes to life upon scanning the QR code.

It is a smart move by Lexus to engage their audience and exploit the theme of the edition to engage user in their product. It works well and just adds some fun around the car but it could have been better had Lexus showing some key features of the car or perhaps even a small reward. Since the user is already engaged, why not use it as an opportunity to explore further. Well, so far so good..hopefully the next one will have a better hook!