BMW Mini: Fan The Flame

At the Brussels Motor Show 2012 BMW Mini launched a real time installation for its Countrymen model.

The car was held by a rope on the slope with a Brunsen burner placed below the rope. Every time BMW Mini Countrymen gained a “LIKE” on its Facebook page the burner burst flames and weakened the rope.┬áThe person who breaks the rope with their Facebook “LIKE” and sets the Countryman model free wins it! This is a great way to combine the digital world with the real world.

Such experiments are cool but there are a few concerns here.

At a Motor Show would you not want people to come and “LIKE” it there and then at the podium and also check out the car. Why create a website, let is just stream the activity and updates on a Facebook tab and engage the potential customers at the venue itself. I think it is just a waste of time creating another webpage for this. I went to the website for this initiative and it is just a holding page with the winners name on it and a making-of video, same as the one shown above.

Such activities should be permanently featured on a “GLAM TAB”, “HALL OF FAME TAB” or whatever it is that a brand may want to call it , so that the new fans can take a sneak peak into the cool, useful and fun things done by the brand and continue to the official website to find out more.

And, what if I “LIKE” the page and then I “UNLIKE” later on in hope to ‘LIKE” it again and win the car? I wonder how this was monitored, I guess with the unique Facebook ID this must be possible. But if not, then it is cheating in a way I believe. It must sound weird but there are people out there who would really want to WIN a MINI COUNTRYMEN no matter what, specially when it is as easy as hitting a Facebook LIKE.