2011 YouTube Showcase

2011, as seen on YouTube, was  a year of hilarious videos on babies, cats, dogs, parodies and of course “Rebecca Black”. Rebecca Black presents the YouTube Showcase for 2011.

Top 5 videos of 2011 watched by millions are

1) Rebecca Black “Friday”

2) Ultimate Dog Tease

3) Jack Sparrow feat. Michael Bolton – Crazy video with 62 million views

4) Talking Twins – Really cute

5) Nyan Cat – Stupid video. Not even a real cat for a change on the internet lol Can’t believe it made it to the top 5 and racked up 55 million views

To watch the entire YouTube Rewind Showcase 2011 go to http://www.youtube.com/rewind.

I really like the interactive timeline of 2011, too bad I could not embed it here.