Red Bull Kluge – The Athlete Machine



5 Websites telling a story

1. Kinner Italia

Beautiful shots, cool animation around the product, good story and simple yet fun UX.



2. World of Red Bull Japan

Beautiful photography, big images, minimum relevant content  and simple navigation.




3. BMW Dynamics

BMW Dynamics Experience section is embedded in the main BMW website. It is not easy to integrate new platforms in pre-built CMS managed websites. However, BMW has managed to do it. The scrolling action is cleverly use to engage the users and involve them in revealing the content. My favourite section is the one shown below where minor details are revealed leading to the full revelation of the car.


4. Wrangler Europe

Since a few years Wrangler has been launching interactive websites. They have improved over time but the ‘drag and release’ mechanism of letting users interact with the site to see further content has been the norm. I like the design, the music and the videos on this site. The music is soothing and suits the nature of activity being performed in the Wrangler outfits. The site loads quickly, gives users the option to enhance their experience by going HD and Fullscreen and also allows them to control the sound ON/OFF. The models featured seem to have the perfect face, they do not distract you from the outfit and they carry it really well!


5. K2!/en/awards/

Website of the largest interactive agency in Poland, K2, makes the most of less content and shares it cleverly with good design and interactivity. I specially like the interactivity on the awards page and the design, it leaves the interested users curious and involves them to find out more by interacting as opposed to a dull images and text page. If the work done was great then one must show it with pride and create some inquisitiveness around it! Why not?