Porsche Blind Trade

Porsche ‘Blind Trade’ does not guarantee a Porsche for everyone. That’s the dare. So are people brave enough to let go of their current luxury car and blind trade it for a possibility to get a Porsche? Yes, seemsĀ  like there are many of them out there. Internet tells me around 2000+ people traded-in their car in the first few hours only, gambling to win a Porsche.


The campaign microsite reveals a new feature of the Porsche every 2 days and will be live for at least 3 weeks until the reveal – announcing the winner on the 31st March’14 who will proudly walk away with a brand new Porsche and converted into a loyal customer on that very day.

The site is in Dutch only and because I can understand some Dutch, I am able to navigate around and it is pretty simple. Not many pages and simple user interface. Social search is also optimised and there is good background music as well. Even though the site has really dark colors as opposed to the white and clean look and feel of Porsche, a fine and intact design like this with minimum call-to-actions and an interactive user experience do the job just right to deliver a premium luxury website experience. Check it out for yourself on http://www.porscheblindtrade.nl/



Volvo Trucks – Who thought Trucks marketing could be so cool?

Brilliant idea by Volvo to show the Volvo Dynamic Steering technology in their trucks by using the perfect role model of truck drivers, Jean-Claude Van Damme. He performs his famous split between two reversing trucks. It is the most epic of splits and done in such a classy and subtle way.

Winning fact – According to the shooting crew in Spain, this was done in just ‘one take’ #awesome