Cat-like reflexes…Jaguar is biting Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz US recently launched this advert with chickens grooving to ‘Upside down round ‘n round’ to prove how they are so stable. The chickens are still and don’t go berserk with their feathers, as they usually do in normal life. The spot ends with a tag ‘Stability at all times. Magic Body Control. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive’.

Jaguar US took advantage of this opportunity and came back with this!

From a marketing point of view, Jaguar does not really show its wild side that often..but hey, things have changed now. The F-TYPE beast has been unleashed after 50 years of the iconic E-TYPE and it is unstoppable. It is not just unleashed on the roads but also in the minds of Jaguar marketing team, because cars like F-TYPE don’t get designed every other day and when a Jaguar makes a come back, the animal is let out in the wild to run around and roar at the competitors just to keep our creative spirit alive.


Nissan: Self-healing paint iAd

Nissan, is the first automotive brand, to have created the technology called the Self Healing Paint making the car scratch proof. This technology taps an unmet need of people since decades. How many of us has been frustrated of seeing scratches on our brand new cars and have shelled money to fix it over and over again? A good investment finally by Nissan.

Not just that, Nissan have also cleverly invested time and efforts in a great way to communicate this technology, playing on the simple behavior of using tablets, requiring no effort on part of the user to interact with the ad. It just happens! See the video below to admire the efficiency. A great effort by the Nissan client and their agencies TBWA\G1 Paris, DAN Paris and OMD Europe. Currently the ad runs only in The Economist iPad magazine.




‘Drive Friendly’ by Fiat Canada

Great creative ad by the students at Toronto Ad School for Fiat Canada

Drive Friendly by Fiat Canada


Advertising School: Humber College, Toronto, Canada
Art Director: Iva Jericevic
Copywriter: Logan Broger