First Instagram website by IKEA

IKEA Russia and ad agency Instinct together exploited the basic features of Instagram to create the first Instagram Website.

The marketing campaign for the ‘PS 2014 Collection’ included an interactive catalog on Instagram divided into Benches, Tables, Storage, Light, Textiles and Ideas.

Each image shows a collection of items with a call-to-action to tap on the image. On tapping, we see the respective product in the range.

Each product has its own channel that shows ways to use it and also includes a short video clip with English and Russian translations.


It is such a simple experiment that I am surprise no one thought of doing it yet. Examples like these show how we get so involved in the daily usage and excitement that we forget to go beyond the boundaries and find more interesting ways of using it.

It will be refreshing to see more examples like these from brands like Oreo, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nike – who have established themselves in their respective categories and own certain emotional triggers to engage their fans online.

Check out the Instagram website and don’t forget to spread the word.



The Faces of Facebook

An interactive website that shows the 1.2 billion faces of Facebook on one page! Arranged in chronological order, you can see the first Facebook face and the last one created. A huge effort in putting this together! 

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 2.19.10 PM