SiriClaus – Give hilarious answers on Santa Claus

SiriClaus, a web based iPhone app using Siri, has been created this Xmas to finally help kids to get their answers on Santa Claus. A fun + a relief for parents I believe who are tired answering to their kids about Santa Claus. The app answers questions on Santa Claus and allows the users to choose the answers using Siri. There are 4 popular Santa questions and users have an option to come up with “siri-ously hilarious” answers 😉

Q1: Is Santa Claus real?
Q2: When is Santa coming?
Q3: Is Santa bringing me what I wished for?
Q4: Have I been naughty or nice?

With iPhone 4S only released recently I wonder how many iPhone 4 users have made an effort to get Siri on their phone + how many of iPhone 4S users must have actually played around with the app. It looks though from watching the video above that kids are loving it.

I also love their website It is a simple one-pager on how to use the app and let’s the user interact as if actually using the iPhone. It is nice to see a web design making the site experiential and engaging the user in such a way that the user is quite likely to download the app and play around with the concept for real. More like a tease!

High-five to Tribal DDB, San Francisco for creating this app.