Nissan 3E – Google Glass for drivers?

Nissan is launching a ‘Google Glass’ for drivers, called 3E ‘third eye’ at the Tokyo Motor Show on Nov. 22nd.

3E Glass connects to the internet in real-time. Drivers can see information overlay on the glass just like Google Glass, record images and also share information. It is still under development and the public reaction at the Tokyo Motor Show is much awaited.

Tokyo seems to be the right market to announce the launch of 3E being technologically advanced and have the maturity to accept such products. Wonder if Google will regret not launching the ‘Glass’ in Japan and only restricting it to the US. Surely Google Glass has a much diverse use as compared to the Nissan 3E but why not test your products in advanced markets like Japan where people literally grow up with devices.

Nissan already had another tech product launch, a Smartwatch, at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show designed to connect drivers to the cars to track data, monitor efficiency and even use social networks.

A really good initiative from Nissan to take innovation in their products to the next level by investing in sub-products to provide a complete package. It certainly adds much more trust in the brand and its services if offered by the parent brand. Tom-Tom was a good idea, but it will never be the same as an in-house produced product because one does not get access at an early stage and cannot adapt the product to the car and plan updates year-round making it exclusive and special.

We must remember that gadgets and technology are much more accessible today than ever before and one must not be intimidated by what giants like Google are doing. If we believe in an idea we must develop it and continue to improve it. There is no pass or fail. Today it is all about continuous improvement as long as it adds value.

Looking forward to the Nissan 3E debut. Stay tuned!


Nissan: Self-healing paint iAd

Nissan, is the first automotive brand, to have created the technology called the Self Healing Paint making the car scratch proof. This technology taps an unmet need of people since decades. How many of us has been frustrated of seeing scratches on our brand new cars and have shelled money to fix it over and over again? A good investment finally by Nissan.

Not just that, Nissan have also cleverly invested time and efforts in a great way to communicate this technology, playing on the simple behavior of using tablets, requiring no effort on part of the user to interact with the ad. It just happens! See the video below to admire the efficiency. A great effort by the Nissan client and their agencies TBWA\G1 Paris, DAN Paris and OMD Europe. Currently the ad runs only in The Economist iPad magazine.




Nissan: Voice Driver Cup

Created by TBWA, this voice powered radio controlled car has some special super powers of racing all over the internet!Nissan ‘Z’ Sports cars are the heroes of this cool installation, a voice-based racing game called Voice Driver Cup. Players can control the car on the race track using their voice.

A Voice Driver Cup Grand Prix competition was held at Nissan HQ in Japan and is now open to be played online via microphones and mini-cam equipped cars and also using iPhone app.

A really cool concept to promote the cars, involve the fans and so what if shy people are left out, may be this car is not for the shy soul 😉 …one for the loud ones. Would be cool to see this installation at some Auto Show, bet everyone will run to the Nissan booth to shout out and have fun!