Collection of Innovative Xmas Cards

The Xmas Cards are a hot favourite at this time of the year. Many agencies and clients come up with innovative ways to wish/celebrate Christmas and it gets better every year. This year with the innovation in smartphone applications and technology we see some really clever but simple ideas for Xmas Cards. Below is a collection of a few Xmas Card ideas I like:

1) Desk The Screens: Multi-device light strings

Created by Deeplocal, a design and development company from Philadelphia, “Deck The Screens” app lets users string Christmas lights in sync on any device in any location. To see how it works go to , start a new string and share the code with your friends and see the lights blink.

The video on the site shows a string of Christmas Lights across iPhones, Mac and iPads. I reckon a big group of people can create cool stuff using this app, how about a string of iPhones hanging around the Xmas tree showing lights using this app 🙂

2) Christmas on Wheels by Swedish Post

A really simple and inspirational idea by Swedish Post to let users send physical cards by interacting online with Christmas scenes set up as seen on

The site shows live Christmas scenes as in the card design. Users can use the camera on wheel to focus on the Christmas scenes, take picture and send it as real card to their family and friends. They can also choose to drive the train and control the happenings in the surroundings.

Swedish Post has taken inspiration from traditional Christmas card designs by Jenny Nystrom. Watch the making of the set below and to send a card visit

3) Augmented Reality Xmas Card app by Macy’s 

This is bound to be a popular one among the kids. Kids usually write a letter to Santa listing their wishes and Macy’s is trying to make this more fun with its Augmented Reality Xmas Card app. Visit any Macy’s “Believe Stations” to post your kid’s letter to Santa and use this app on your Android or iOs device to give your kids an animated surprise with Virginia and her friends.

Choose your favourite characters to take pictures with and create custom virtual Christmas cards. You can share these cards on email and also on Facebook and Twitter.

Macy’s gives kids something cool and fun to share on Facebook this Christmas with its AR app. To find out more on how to make this Christmas more fun for your kids go to