Nissan: Self-healing paint iAd

Nissan, is the first automotive brand, to have created the technology called the Self Healing Paint making the car scratch proof. This technology taps an unmet need of people since decades. How many of us has been frustrated of seeing scratches on our brand new cars and have shelled money to fix it over and over again? A good investment finally by Nissan.

Not just that, Nissan have also cleverly invested time and efforts in a great way to communicate this technology, playing on the simple behavior of using tablets, requiring no effort on part of the user to interact with the ad. It just happens! See the video below to admire the efficiency. A great effort by the Nissan client and their agencies TBWA\G1 Paris, DAN Paris and OMD Europe. Currently the ad runs only in The Economist iPad magazine.





Lexus IS – Reveal film & ‘Blend Out’ print ad

A beautiful film by Lexus to reveal their 2014 Lexus IS #changelanes

And an interactive print ad for Lexus IS, where three models are promoting the Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit edition, by modelling around the new Lexus IS. The video comes to life upon scanning the QR code.

It is a smart move by Lexus to engage their audience and exploit the theme of the edition to engage user in their product. It works well and just adds some fun around the car but it could have been better had Lexus showing some key features of the car or perhaps even a small reward. Since the user is already engaged, why not use it as an opportunity to explore further. Well, so far so good..hopefully the next one will have a better hook!

Porsche – 5 million reasons to celebrate!

They have done it again. They will not stop. They are celebrating their success. They know how to do it. They know how to do it over and over again. They make it better. They do it right. They involve the Porsche lovers. They give them a share of voice. They are taking a bold step. They are bold. Right here, on their Facebook fan page tab. The future of this Porsche model is in your hands and yes we all know that we better get this one right.


Crowd-sourcing on Facebook

Porsche has recently earned the attention of 5 million Facebook fans. Not a small number and worth an investment. Porsche is all ears to their fans and have let them hold their hand to create a very special ‘911 Carrera 4S’.

The first car being built on Facebook with a top-line configuration making it easy for 5 million fans to participate.

Every week, a voting takes place to define the detailed car spec. Fans are giving a choice to vote for their favorite feature and the highest voted feature wins. Fans are given about a week to participate and vote and a timer runs on the next feature tab to indicate when the next round of voting for the new feature will be unlocked.

I love the beginning. The first decision: Exterior Color opening starts with ‘Our 911 Carrera 4 needs a unique look.’ Porsche trusts their 5 million fans to give their car a unique look.

It gets better. For the 2nd decision: Wheels, Porsche state ‘….and help us choose the looks of the 911 Carrera 4S.’


One may think I am stressing too much about the copy here. Well these details matter because the consumer is your wife and you better show some respect and make her special as you are asking her to make your life better! If you want to get the best out of your fans, you give them that platform and the tone that gives them power and keeps it simple, sophisticated and humble!

For platform, of course Facebook fan page is the right platform but not just that, even the design is very well thought through. There is no clutter, the car looks super fabulous with that angle, the application has not crashed so far (I have tested it in different browsers and taken various screenshots at different times for this post), it is fast, it is playing up on the ‘less is more’ theory and is totally doing the same i.e. getting the most out of this crowd-sourcing stunt for less, with the least number of steps in the least amount of time and even less features for fans to worry about. But what they don’t want the less of here are votes!!

It is not every day that we get an opportunity to participate in shaping the next beautiful car made by the most passionate luxury car brand and that too on Facebook! So go ahead and vote if you are a Porsche fan and if you are not, what are you doing? Leave a mark on that car now!!

Porsche 911 Projection Mapping

The Porsche center in Padova, Italy has created a beautiful projection on the new Porsche 911. I enjoyed watching this video so much online, I can only imagine how awesome it must be to experience it live.

Apparently, it has been done by an authorized Porsche dealer at an event and I must praise the interest and creativity put in creating this projection. The soundtrack and the projection theme build up and generate an interest where using a 911 car as a projection screen seems to be limited but the overall projection has come out great with the various emotional touches to the theme.

Volkswagen – Interactive Banner, Street View Quest & Olympic Car

Interactive Banner

A very good push by Volkswagen on the ‘safe driving’ message and promoting their voice control feature in an interactive way. Banners are usually considered to be dull and intruding by many surfers and making them interactive helps only if it is useful, fun and worth sharing. It is not always possible to make an intriguing banner since this small digital medium requires a big investment, but when permitted, it better be awesome!

Volkswagen, Germany made a pretty cool banner, quickly educating the customer and selling its top voice-control function for their new “Touch Phone Kit”, with a simple Facebook integration. The user makes a video call to a Facebook friend by allowing the banner to access their Facebook account and a steering wheel pops-up putting the user in control of the steering and also the phone call, showing practically how easy the voice-control function is.

The Touch Kit is a new accessory which allows hands-free calling activated by voice. Banners were placed on car sites and upon interacting posted the picture of the user on their Facebook profile as well, thus reaching out the callers friends. The banner links straight out to the online store rather than a boring ‘More Info.’ page on the Volkswagen website. After all the job is done in the banner, why not send the user straight to the shop! The cool banner was developed by Germany based agencies Loop and Agenta Agenturgruppe.

Street View Quest: Pin It To Win It

Volkswagen, South Africa has launched the ‘Street Quest’ advergame via Facebook and Google Street View. To participate the users must find and “pin” Volkswagens on the South African roads using the Google Street View application.

The campaign lasts for almost a month, giving the participants to ‘pin’ as many Volkswagens as possible.  It may sound a bit boring so far, but the person who pins the most Volkswagens wins a seat for the Grand Final, which is supposedly a real-life version of the Street Quest. Basically, each week one winner will be sent to Cape Town to spot the Volkswagens for real and the winner will walk away with a digital hamper containing Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and Samsung 46″ LED TV.

The idea seems to be good but it is too long a campaign. Also why would people work so hard just for a digital hamper. I agree the catch of going to Cape Town and driving around a Volkswagen is pretty amazing but at the end of the challenge I just walk away with a hamper which is not a Volkswagen car but digital hampers only….cool idea but needs a cooler reward I guess.

Olympic Car

Volkswagen, Netherlands created a sound/scream powered car to involve the Dutch trying to make it to the London Olympics.

This special ‘Olympics Car’ had no foot pedals and the engine was re-configured to read sound decibels into RPMs to move the car. Hence, every time the person screamed, cheered or made loud noise the speed of the car increased. The group of people who cheered the loudest in the car and made the quickest 100m screaming their lungs away won tickets to the London Olympics.

A funny and clever way to get the people involved and playing on the situation of the scarcity and impossibility of getting tickets, the Dutch were screaming their lungs out to get through to the London Olympics. Who knew screaming would make somebody win such a cool prize? Volkswagen got the Dutch going on this one! Some hilarious scenes in the video!




QR code made of Crates – Volkswagen Crafter

To prove the loading capacity of the Volkswagen Crafter, DDB Mexico installed a giant QR code made of wooden crates. The installation was placed at the largest wholesale market in Mexico where the potential targets could be reached. On scanning the QR code a video plays which shows that the entire installation can be carried in a Volkswagen Crafter.

It is a very clever idea and the video is beautifully done to prove the loading capacity of the Crafter. This installation was awarded a Bronze Lion in the Promo & Activation category.

Augmented Reality Electric Cafe – Volkswagen

Done by Ogilvy China and Ogilvy Hong Kong for Volkswagen, the Augmented Reality Cafe application, communicates the facts about electric cars by Volkswagen very easily to the consumers. Electric cars concept is pretty advanced and new for many people. People who are either  buying a car for the first time and do not know what is good for them and their environment or people who currently want to switch to a more environment friendly car.

Volkswagen created a cafe where they used daily household appliances like fridge, blender and a personal computer to trigger content using the Augmented Reality application. The application shared facts to educate the people about their electric cars and explained their efficiency in comparison to the those household items.  It is a good way to make the people understand since they are already well versed with these daily appliances and can relate to the numbers and information far more easily than just reading it off a brochure or a web page with stand alone information on the electric cars.

The Augmented Reality experience was available via the iPad and iPhones.