BMW M5 – Bullet Art

“Bullet Art”, a beautiful film by BMW Canada, promoting their M5 model. The film shows the incredible power and performance of BMW M5 destroying art installations racing away on a high speed and proving its level of safety at the same time.

The film is beautifully shot, with strong emphasis on the product and the sound of the engine. I like the transition of the sound from the racing engine to that of the melodious tunes creating calmness around the strong destructive action and showing how the vehicle is in complete control of itself, undamaged and full of force! Speed at its best control and style in a sedan!


Google Street View Film: Address is Approximate


A cute short film showing a toy robot making use of Google Street View. The film shot using Created with a Canon 5d MkII and Dragonframe Stop Motion, produced by Theory Films is attracting large number of view online.

To check out Google Street View go to