Ted Baker’s Instagram Winter Wonderland #TedsElfie

Ted Baker and agency POKE have launched a hyper interactive social media campaign to engage with shoppers over the festive season.


Why I call it hyper interactive is because your are bound to get lost if you are a newbie at Instagramming and even if you are not, you better take the term ‘Winter Wonderland’ seriously as it is one campaign that you need time to enjoy. Yes Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is not the only place to be this Christmas season 🙂

Santa’s elves go missing and the only evidence is the Elfie taken by Santa. Instagram users have to help find the missing elves by visiting @TedsElfie on Instagram and taking part in the ‘choose your own adventure’ style game. The user is led by the tags on images to find the seven missing elves and win prizes along the way.
Whether you win or not, this campaign is worth interacting with thanks to the beautiful illustrations and the clear user path. Enjoy!

Source: http://tedbakerblog.com/2014/12/christmas-arrived-ted-baker/ – Totally love the hashtag snowfall haha! EPIC!



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