Evian asks Golf fans to ‘Tweet The Ball’

Evian has launched their new campaign ‘Tweet The Ball’ targeting Twitter users and golf players to celebrate the 20th year of ‘The Evian Championship’, the ladies golf tournament.

From 11 to 14 September, Twitter users can play the game to find balls hidden around the 18-hole championship course at Evian Les Bains and win daily prizes + a grand prize. The interactive microsite allows the users to guess the location of the golf ball on the grid and tweet the Google map coordinates. The sections are numbered from 1 to 24 by A to J.


Once the fans guess where the ball could be, they can enter the gird number in the ‘Tweet Box field’ already indicating the user that the campaign hashtag #TweetTheBall must be used in the message. It is definitely a good practice to pre-populate the field box with the campaign hashtag as many users miss it due to being unaware of it or simply due to laziness.

The prizes are great and I have been so tempted that I have already tweeted twice. I want to try again (many times), but I am worried Evian will block me! I am not so driven to win the mega prize, a five-star weekend at the Evian Royal Resort, because it seems pretty unreachable for such a guess driven game but I really do want to win their daily goodies that I can keep and share with my friends. Furthermore, I really do like the idea to have a few prizes rather than a grand prize, as many people tend to think that they will never win and hence don’t get involved. Opportunity to win prizes that are reachable act as a drive for people to get involved, share their experience and recommend to their friends.



I also love the way the site is designed and shares so much information in such a user-friendly and precise way while leaving enough space for the users to play on the same page. And the best part, it is mobile compatible too 🙂 What it lacks though is a huge call-to-action for people to ‘share’ this online. But then it is only for 4 days, so let this be a special Twitter universe thing right! Why should Facebook have all the fun? 😉

Enjoy guessing and don’t forget to use the campaign hashtag #TweetTheBall. Play the game now on http://tweettheball.evian.com/play/




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