Instagram wars: Nike vs Adidas

Adidas Originals. That’s the first tag line that struck me when I saw this new Adidas campaign on Instagram. How not original it is for me and here’s why.

NIKE – Nike PhotoiD Powered by NikeiD for Instagram – featuring the Airmax

Nike has already kicked up a super cool and simple idea involving Instagram, which preserves their product and extends the NikeiD aspect of allowing users to select their best shoe color configuration.

How it works?

Choose your Instagram photo and a Nike shoe. Check out the design configuration the algorithm serves and share your favorite shoe online with your friends. Not just that, it also shows the image you selected in the background and what Nike shoe color selection you finally ended up selecting.

The Photo ID Microsite has a Gallery where you can filter images using the following parameters e.g. by Color and the Airmax model 1, 90 and 95 models. Not just that, it also allows you to see what your followers have shared online, besides checking out the entire Instagram community and the featured ones. It is as simple as it can be in terms of hooking up your Instagram account and getting involved and also a simple UX on the site to engage with the community.


Adidas, on the other hand, is trying too hard and creating a buzz on its upcoming app.

How it will work?

Adidas Photo Print App for ZX Flux will launch this August for the iOS and Android users. Customers will have to buy a pair of the ZX Flux sneakers on which the Instagram photo will be printed.

What we need to question here is the fact that what audience is Adidas actually trying to engage here and what do they really think of their products?

Seriously this is original in terms of the amount of unique designs that will come through, but not sure how many of these iPhone and Android users qualify as characters who would want to walk around with a ‘shoe’ imprinted with their Instagram image.

Imagine how ugly it can get in cases where the users don’t know what ugly pictures they are taking and how it can actually damage the product in the long run. Imagine the Adidas marketing manager walking around the high-street and looks at some cool kids wearing the ZX Flux showing pizzas, sushi, burgers, selfies, random psychedelic stuff. What is worse is when these images show the logos of any other brands on the shoe. Free advertising for them on a shoe they would probably never want to be seen on and Adidas in return ending up with a cheesy product among chavs with no taste on the streets of Britain at least.

Internet is calling this a game-changing app – yes of course, an app that will change what Adidas stands for, for the current generation on Instagram for the first time and sneakers just became the cool thing for them and also generate a not-so-positive-with-awe word-of-mouth for Adidas by their loyal customers all these years. Thanks to the ‘photo print app’ shoes that no one wanted all these years, irrespective of the fact that Instagram made them do it. Kodak has been printing pictures on many objects and there is a reason that shoes have stayed from this category among the masses.

Waiting for the action to kick up in August 2014 and see how the Internet reacts to this. Brace yourselves, some really ugly shoes are coming!


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