Audi Test Drive Cube – A digital innovation

Finally a brand found a really clever way to break through the usual direct mailers with long copy inviting prospects to a test-drive. And it is none other than Audi. I am not surprised actually because Audi has been doing some great work lately.

Audi came up with a clever idea to send ‘Test Drive Cubes’ for Audi A8. All the receiver needs to do is push the start/stop button and trigger the countdown to begin the test drive. The Cube is powered by GPS and sends an SMS to Audi local dealership with location details. The countdown lasts for 90 minutes, at the end of which the Audi A8 arrives at the prospect’s location and customers then have 24 hours to take the test drive.

This pilot was launched in Holland between Jan’14 and Feb’14 to 50 potential A8 buyers. Audi plans to extend it to Germany followed by Russia and South Korea.

What a clever way to instill a digital sense in direct mailing by way of using technology just at a push of a button. It is not only the mechanism but also the design of the cube that holds the simplicity in the technology used together. The design of the Cube is neat, premium and a sophisticated piece of communication representing the brand values. It is always great to see brands who think things through and take the pain to convince their internal stakeholders to do such projects. Surely it must have been expensive not only in terms of development but also in terms of logistics and maintenance. Good work Audi, another star in the marketing hall of fame!

The official press release from Audi can be read here


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