Pixel Press – Draw your own video game


What an amazing idea?!

Pixel Press seem to be determined to take apps and gaming to the next level. This activity, of being able to draw your own video game and also sharing it with the others, will first time allow people to bring a personalized game to life. One can simply draw a video game and instantly customize and play + share it.

The only barrier that we all have been facing all this time is coding and Pixel Press seem to have taken care of that in the pre-defined coding in the app. This is perhaps not an easy task and I am curious to see what/how many patterns the app will be able to reproduce.

Creators will be rewarded via feedback of their friends and the community. Of course, each game will have its core features such as high scores, best completion times and also points earned via collective participation.

The only barrier at the moment is that it does not allow you to draw in the app yet. One can either draw on paper or drop the sketch sheet into Photoshop or Illustrator to draw fine lines, and then use that from the photo library on the device.

How it works?

Download a 2 page PDF, one page will be a pre-formatted grid (like grid paper, just a special version built for Pixel Press) and the other page will be a set of simple instructions. The instructions will show you which shapes represent each level component. For example a box represents terrain, and an x represents a spike. It’s a bit more complex than that, but overall it’s very simple. The instruction sheet also lets you know physics rules such as how far the player can jump, and other important details.

Pixel Press recommended using a heavy card stock so that the “flatness” of the paper is consistent and you don’t bend or tear it while drawing & erasing.

Once you have your level drawing complete, you just need to take a picture of it with your iPad or iPhone and it is converted into a digital level that you can instantly play and start testing. You can get more details in the Questions section on their site.

Launch & cost

It is fighting for funds on Kickstarter (launching May 7th) to build out the entire app, and we can expect Pixel Press to be available in Q4 2013. The cost can be up to $9.99 for the full version and up to $1.99 for the lite version.

To back this project on Kickstarter visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robinrath/pixel-press-draw-your-own-video-game


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