Facebook – New Look [Concept]

Fred Nerby, a Brisbane based Interactive Art Director and Designer, has come up with a great redesign of the most used and world’s number 1 social network website, Facebook.

The video below shows the UX and is clearly seems to be pretty thought through on how it could best function online.

I really like this concept and hope Facebook can wake up and improve their UX rather than just screwing up their privacy settings constantly and not making any valuable smart upgrades to their site.

Also considering the big base of brand pages on Facebook, this redesign concept could suit really well to brands which cannot afford to make smart websites and can perhaps use such a redesign to boost their online image and communication.

Going back to ranting a little more on the annoying side of Facebook recently, every time I have logged into Facebook I have seen some small feature update or the other. Receiving notifications every single day without any prior announcement is getting super annoying and Facebook does not seem to be doing much on improving their communication behind these updates and actually adding something that adds value. Here’s hoping Facebook can improve their overall UX a lot more and leave the tiny little annoying updates alone that are not adding any value but just creating more of a panic.

Hoping this redesign will reach Facebook in some way and they end up thinking over the new ways of improving the site experience and its vision on tablets and mobiles as well.

Well, a great concept! To see the images in detail visit Fred Nerby’s Facebook portfolio on Behance http://www.behance.net/gallery/Facebook-New-Look-Concept/6504647


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