Club Monaco Social Timeline Facebook App Review

Club Monaco, an international men’s and women’s lifestyle brand with over 104,000+ Facebook likes, has launched a “Social Timeline” application on their Facebook page.

The Social Timeline application is based on the Facebook Timeline profile format. The headline is “We are sharing moments that have inspired us… If these inspire you too, add them to your personal Facebook timeline”. Basically, they have a gallery of images ranging from coffee shops, food, photography, store openings, galleries and product launches. Each image has a unique description with an option for the user to edit the month, date and year and add a caption to it and share it on their wall i.e. if the same experience applies to them, if they had something to do with the content on the Social Timeline.

How it works? 

Once the user enters the month, date, year and caption details, this Social Timeline application will insert this image from the application gallery on to the users timeline. Quite clever and very easy to use. The user experience of the application is pretty simple and no issues to select and share on the timeline. Smooth! The design is also great with a white background, beautiful fonts with minimum relevant copy and great images with relevant descriptions.

The issue here is not the experience definitely but the content. The application is a great tool to allow Facebook users to add moments to their Timeline and doing so with professional photography and cool messages already in place. Not everybody can be creative about expressing their experience and hence a pre-description of the experience kind of helps to shape the story even further. However, what matters here is how relevant are the content in the Social Timeline gallery to their fans and potential application users.

It looks like the content is heavily revolving around Club Monaco vs topics for the consumer/followers of Club Monaco or even the people who have nothing to do with Club Monaco but possibly are interested in using the application. Why I am involving the people who are not followers of Club Monaco here is because cool ideas like this spread quickly on the web and there should be a series of content available for a majority of people to use to spread it to the extent it is expected to go to and will definitely do since they are the first ones to do such an application.

Club Monaco might disagree saying that it is made to be super relevant to the brand etc and has bits and pieces of content for users besides that of Club Monaco. However, this has nothing to do with the users personal Facebook timeline, only rarely relevant to the employees I believe who got a job there, or enjoyed a store opening or someone who had an extravagant experience at one of their stores. But these people do not make up a huge percentage of the Facebook fans.

What such powerful ideas need are powerful and relevant content which are shareable and can carry the hallmark of “Club Monaco Social Timeline” on it. Some of this content should definitely be brand related and some on topics like music, art and similar topics. eg. something like launch of Nirvana’s album, Jeff Koons or Anish Kapoor’s or Andy Warhol’s art that had people in awwh!, music festival related content, music awards, hit song, best restaurant and coffee shops that drew lots of people in…stuff which is in everyday talks, content like that would get people sharing such experience faster and draw to the Club Monaco brand, spread awareness about them etc.

Also, why should a person add this to their timeline? Besides the fact that I mentioned that the cool pre-descriptions and professional stunning photography is a reason good enough but why not get people to share content and get rewarded for it? How about a gift card or discount or even an invitation to a store opening or gift cards to enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants featured in the Social Timeline gallery. This way more people will use it and spread the word further.

Check out the application and share your thoughts.


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