Coldplay uses Xylobands; turns concert audience into giant LED display

Lady Gaga and Madonna! Why have you not done something like this yet? Coldplay, the band I least expected to innovate at a concert, turned their concert audience into a large gallery of LED display. Xylobands are LED-illuminated wristbands activated using a radio signal.

Coldplay distributed the wristbands in a variety of colors to the audience with a Twitter hashtag #coldplayfilm printed on them promoting their live DVD. The audience were illuminated as multicolor twinkling lights when the wristbands received the radio signals. Below is an image to show what these wristbands look like – you can search #coldplayfilm on Twitter to see more results.

The video below shows how it worked and how the audience enjoyed being felt like they belong to a community and felt more connected to the artists on the stage.

Concerts have always had a huge potential to engage the audience and due to the large size of audience, logistics of venue and legal issues it is not always possible to succeed with a complex idea. Simple ideas like this Xyloband one is easier to execute and does not involve users to make any effort and they can just enjoy the concert the way they expected to. Being surprised with such simple ideas makes it even more fun and spreads a positive word about the experience. Technologies like RFID and augmented reality will definitely improve over the years and we will see more interactive and engaging experiences in times to come. For now, enjoy this one and if you have any similar examples to share, please do!




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