World’s first invisible ad by Lynx

Soap Creative, Sydney have created the world’s first invisible ad for Lynx Anarchy using LCD screens and polarised glasses. The ad is an installation of a house with windows covered in LCD screens and the action behind the windows is visible only on watching wearing polarised glasses. Polarised glasses were distributed to the passersby and people curiously put on the glasses to reveal the content behind the LCD screens.

Considering the target and the overall brand perception & impression of Lynx, the action behind the LCD screen was of a random dog swimming in a room full of water and couples making out. Pretty bizarre but expected of Lynx to present such scenes I believe. The LCD screen idea is really cool and it will be even cooler if it is interactive.

There is also an app for Lynx Anarchy where one can ignite “spark” with a member of opposite sex and person with most sparks wins own personal party sponsored by Lynx Anarchy featuring artist 360 and also win other prizes like XBOX etc.

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