Social Art Installation by Abby Norm

A really cool installation was set up in Hornstull, the last undeveloped area of Stockholm, to avoid people from feeling really angry about the mess and the noise during the construction.  Bonnier Properties worked with Abby Norm and installed projectors, speakers and kinect sensors to create a digital/virtual interactive forest. When people passed by the installation the sensor sent signals to grow the forest on the screen by adding a leaf to the forest.

People walking by the screen could interact with it using their Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles and help to grow the forest.

It is a really cool idea to engage people positively online who would have otherwise ranted bad things about the venue on their social network anyways. By engaging people with an exciting installation it helps to create positive awareness about the project and attract people to find out more about the venue & look forward to its official inauguration. With sharing on social networks it reaches people who are not even living anywhere close to this venue. All this just with a cool social media integrated installation!

The projection was created by Abby Norm, Sweden.




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