#Makeitcount – Adverfilm by Nike & Casey Neistat

A beautiful film by Nike featuring Casey Neistat. Apparently Nike asked him to do a movie for Fuel Band and he spent all the money travelling around the world for 10 days – America, Europe, Asia & Africa – and returned with an adverfilm for Nike on the message of #makeitcount.

The video has some great quotations and shares the energy that the Nike brand surrounds itself with! A great film in general and not even a mention about the products…well they are trying to make life count in this one I guess wearing a Nike Fuel Band.

For more films on Casey go to http://caseyneistat.com/#83a/youtube and you can also see tweets from his 10-day-trip on his twitter https://twitter.com/#!/CaseyNeistat and photos on his Facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.354313687939965.68850.210351389002863&type=1


One thought on “#Makeitcount – Adverfilm by Nike & Casey Neistat

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