Interactive poster that gives a “kiss”

Keio University,Japan are working to bring some serious interactivity in poster ads. Reportedly the developer behind this was frustrated of the standard poster and wanted it to interact with him. He went on to develop one where the girl in the poster interacts when woken up by kissing the poster.

It works based on an inbuilt sensor which can sense the users proximity to the poster and acts accordingly. The team in Japan are also working on ways to make it more interactive using sounds and releasing scents via the poster ad like giggling sounds of the girl, the scent of her shampoo, lip gloss lemon-flavour scent upon close-up and even a whisper of “I love you”. They are also looking to develop applications with image-recognition for iPads and tablets.

I can only imagine how expensive it will be to produce these poster and the massive installation costs for various regions. I definitely see Coca-Cola and Nike on-board with such a technology but when it comes to this typical example P&G brands can make quite an impression with their already successful products.


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