Mad Men – Online Party Planner

Mad Men is back in 2 days!

It is one of the most respected and popular shows on TV right now. Thanks to Matthew Weiner for taking the advertising world seriously and bringing it to life on TV for the ones who don’t know what advertising is all about. Myself working in advertising and now in digital marketing, I am a very big fan of my profession and there is nothing else I rather do ever! I love my fact this is my life and I am thankful for everything I have learnt in life and all the cool experiences I have had working in advertising field. It is glamorous to the core!

Mad Men’s 60’s glamorous look on the show captured the eyes of Banana Republic. For a brand like Banana Republic, that needed a refresh in their communication, Mad Men seems to be a very good show to be associated with in terms of coming up with a clothing line. Their Mad Men collection for the fans and the aspiring 60s style lovers is quite gorgeous and I am hoping to see more of Mad Men collection in several other high-street luxury stores, jewelry in particular.

Mad Men has released books on their show, clothing line, some online campaigns on Mad Men avatar, competition on Facebook to take part in the show and also influenced some cocktail names at popular bars across the New York City. Of all the marketing behind the show I like their latest ‘Mad Men’ party the best. Something tells me that over the seasons of their show, they have learnt about how fans want to participate and celebrate the show in their lives. Mad Men parties are definitely the hot favorite when it comes to living up the show just for a night!

So get your party pants on and this time Mad Men has made it official about the parties. They probably recognized how many of us are doing it all wrong and they now have a Mad Men Party section on their site teaching us just how to get it right!

The Mad Men Online Party Planner is pretty slick! I love this show and I have attended a Mad Men theme party last Xmas with my colleague and was pretty disappointed by some costumes and set-ups. So now that I have an online party planner by Mad Men I am pepped to do a little review on it:-

1) Invitations – This is absolutely an important part to communicate what people are going to be a part of and what the Mad Men party is going to be about. I was pretty excited to find out about the invitation part but too bad they give links to the templates on many party sites. Would have been nice if they had Mad Men templates available for download just off their site.

2) Menu – They seem to have got this one right! Recipes and menu for Hors d’oeuvres, dinner and dessert are on the site. There are PDFs for recipes on site which can be downloaded.

3) Cocktails – The list is pretty hip and the recipe is also available. What I don’t like is the navigation on the page. Each recipe opening on the new page with a different look and feel as to what the online party planning pages have. Gets my mood off and on in different directions.

4) Decorating Tips – This is really exciting. You can download the logo for STERLING COOPER DRAPER PRYCE company, masks for all actors (I’m getting the Don Draper one even though I’m a female, I just love him to death!! whatta great actor), then there are posters and door hangers to theme the entire place up! There is also a playlist to play music from the show/60s. I really like the door hanger.

5) What to wear – This section should have been a bit more precise since getting the right Mad Men outfit can be a bit of a challenge for women, getting the accessories, make-up and the main outfit all in place. It does not really help directing it off to the style blog. Only useful thing is the list of shops one can go to and buy vintage clothing.

6) Trivia & Games – The party planner gives us a chance to talk like Mad Men do. There is a collection of vintage games and many apps to download and play with friends. Some interesting questions in the Trivia Challenge.

All the online party planner stuff is good but in times of social media sites like Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest which offer different ways to interact with fans, little has been done to incorporate the social media touch in the party planning. And on top of so much buzz on the new season Banana Republic’s homepage has no sign of MAD MEN collection. That is pretty lame!

Planning to host my Mad Men theme party soon and will come back with what everyone wore, what food was easy to prepare and what drinks got the party rolling! In the meantime, if you have some cool tips and memories to share from Mad Men party then please do!

Don’t forget to tune in for a 2 hour premier on Sunday 25th March 9/8c. To plan the party go to




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